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Instructions Sony, Modèle D-NE330

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“HOLD” flashes on the display when you press a button, and the CD does not play. . The buttons are locked. Slide the HOLD switch back (. page 18). Playback starts from the point you stopped (resume function). . The resume function is working. To start play from the first track, press and hold . while the player is stopped until the first track starts playing, or open the lid of the player (. page 17). Or, remove all power sources, and then insert the battery or connect the AC power adaptor again. During playback of an ATRAC CD or MP3 CD, the CD does not rotate but you can hear the sound normally. . This player is designed to stop the rotation of an ATRAC CD or MP3 CD during playback to reduce the power consumption. The player is not malfunctioning. “No File” appears on the display after you press . or when the lid of the player is closed. . There are no ATRAC/MP3 files on the CD-R/CD-RW. . A CD-R/CD-RW from which the data has been erased is being used. . The CD is dirty. Continued . Symptom Cause and/or corrective action The LCD display becomes hard to see or slows down. . You are using your CD player at high temperatures (above 40°C/104°F) or at low temperatures (below 0°C/32°F). At room temperature, the display will return to its normal operating condition. Even though you have not selected “BOOKMARK,” (Bookmark) flashes. . If you have selected a playback option other than “BOOKMARK,” (Bookmark) flashes. Play stopped abruptly. . The off timer has been set. Change the setting of “TIMER” to “OFF” (. page 28). . The rechargeable battery or the dry battery is used up completely. Charge the rechargeable battery (. page 13) or replace the dry battery with a new LR6 (size AA) alkaline battery (. page 12). Others Symptom Cause and/or corrective action When closing the lid of the CD player, the CD starts to rotate. . The player is reading the information on the CD, not malfunctioning. You cannot operate the CD player properly using the remote. 2) . The buttons on the player are kept pressed by mistake. . The remote is not connected securely. 1) D-NE331 HK4, E18/1, CNA models only. For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package. 2) D-NE330 USA, Canadian, European models, D-NE330LIV3 model and D-NE331 models. Maintenance To clean the casing Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water or a mild detergent solution. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner. Specifications System Compact disc digital audio system Laser diode properties Emission duration: Continuous Laser output: Less than 44.6 .W (This output is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.) D-A conversion 1-bit quartz time-axis control Frequency response 20 - 20 000 Hz +1–2 dB (measured by JEITA) Output Headphones (stereo minijack) Approx. 15 mW + Approx. 15 mW at 16 . (Approx. 1 mW + Approx. 1 mW at 16 .)* * For the area code “CEX” model. For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package. Power requirements • LR6 (size AA) battery: 1.5 V DC . 1 • Sony NH-7WMAA rechargeable battery: 1.2 V DC . 1* • AC power adaptor (DC IN 3 V jack): 220 V, 50 Hz (Model for China) 120 V, 60 Hz (Model for Mexico) • Rated current: 1 A * D-NE331 HK4, E18/1, CNA models only. For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package. Operating temperature 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) Dimensions (w/h/d) (excluding projecting parts and controls) Approx. 137.8 . 31.1 . 137.8 mm (5 1.2 . 1 1.4 . 5 1.2 in.) Mass (excluding accessories) Approx. 191 g (6.8 oz.) US and foreign patents licensed from Dolby Laboratories. MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Optional Accessories AC power adaptor AC-E30HG * Active speaker system SRS-Z30/Z31 SRS-Z510 Car battery cord DCC-E345 Car battery cord with car connecting pack DCC-E34CP Car connecting pack CPA-9C Connecting cord RK-G129 RK-G136 Earphones (except for the customers in France) MDR-EX51LP MDR-EX71SL MDR-G74SL Earphones (for the customers in France) MDR-E808LP * Specifications for AC power adaptors vary for each area. Check your local voltage and the shape of the plug before purchasing. Your dealer may not handle some of the accessories listed above. Please ask the dealer for detailed information about the accessories in your country/region. SonicStage Download Website You can install SonicStage by the following; 1 Select from below your region website. 2 Access the SonicStage free download website and download following the instructions provided. (Before downloading please read carefully the information provided on the site.) 3 Download the file, and execute according to the instructions. • For customers in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania: (TOP page . Downloads...

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