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Instructions Sony, Modèle NW-S603

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Facilité d'utilisation

The HOME screen is the starting point to play audio, search for songs, and change settings. HOME Screen* qj-^-bh J2 G All Songs 1 5 of the 10 icons appear in the display with the current selection in the centre. The current icon changes depending on the function you use. By rotating the shuttle switch, you can select an icon and press the button to confirm. Search Searches for songs of the player. Jacket Search Searches for songs by jacket picture. ¡ra Noise Canceling *4 Reduces ambient sound. *J3 Rec Data *2 Plays recorded songs of the player. • Rec *3 Records songs without a personal computer. J2 All Songs Plays all transferred songs of the player. FM *4 Enables to listen to FM. m Playlist Select Plays songs which are registered in playlists. 03 Intelligent Shuffle Plays songs randomly. a Settings Displays setting menu. 2 (Rec Data) appears when you have data recorded with the player. 3 # (Rec) appears when an optional accessory for recording is connected to the player. 4 NW-S703F/S705F/S706F only 20 Operating the HOME screen When menu items appear on the HOME screen, rotate the shuttle switch to select the item and press the button to confirm. When menu items appear on the HOME screen and press the DISPLAY/HOME button, the screen returns to the previous menu. If you press and hold it, the screen returns to the HOME screen. For example, when you want to change the song order by selecting a (Settings) on the HOME screen during playback, the screen changes as follows. Select a (Settings) and press the button. ( HOME screen )—■ + _ — ( S (Settings) ) Press the DISPLAY/ t /-v home button. 1— ( Setting of Sort ) —j ^s°^ennre and pressthe Pressthe DISPLAY/ HOME button. 1—[ SiSettinas) 1—I Select"Sort"and pressthel button. ( Now Playing screen) For details on the functions of the HOME screen or how to use the player, see the Operation Guide (PDF file). 21 Listening to FM Radio (NW-S703F/S705F/S706F only) Shuttle switch 1 Press and hold the DISPLAY/HOME button until the HOME screen appears. 2 Rotate the shuttle switch to select (® (FM) and press the ►■ button to confirm. The FM tuner screen appears. P20 I STANDBY 90. 00mhz I SCAN H >a Preset number Frequency 3 Slide the shuttle switch to the FOLDER (manual tuning) position. The player enters the manual tuning mode. Manual tuning display IfMT P20 90.00mhz I STANDBY ] SCAN H MONO B 4 Rotate the shuttle switch briefly to or to select the frequency. Rotate briefly to select the next frequency and to H to select the previous frequency. For preset tuning, refer to the Operation Guide (PDF file). 22 23 FAQ Q Which operating systems can be used with the player? A IBM PC/AT or compatible computer preinstalled with one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 3 or later)/Windows XP Home Edition/ Windows XP Professional/ Windows XP Media Center Edition/Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004/Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Not supported by operating systems other than above. Q An error message appears on the computer when installing. A Make sure the operating system (i5P page 9) of your computer can be used with the player. Q The computer does not start automatically when inserting the supplied CD-ROM. A The install wizard may not start when inserting the CD-ROM, depending on the computer setting. In this case, right-click the CD-ROM on Windows Explorer to open, and doubleclick SetupSS.exe. The main menu for installing appears. Q A computer does not recognize the player. A Connect to another USB connector of your computer. Q Some functions are restricted by SonicStage. A When you use SonicStage, log on as an administrator. 24 Transferred songs from a computer cannot be played by the player. A When transferring songs to the player, be sure to use SonicStage. Songs transferred from other than SonicStage cannot be played by the player. The player does not work properly. A Reset the player by pressing the RESET button with a small pin, etc. All the songs and settings stored on the player will not be erased even when you reset it. To initialize (format) the player. A Be sure to format the built-in flash memory using the Menu mode on this player following the procedure below. (Check all contents before formatting as all data stored will be erased.) 1 Press and hold the DISPLAY/HOME button in the play or stop mode until the HOME screen appears. 2 SelectS (Settings) -"Advanced Settings>"-"lnitialize>"-"Format>"-"OK/'in this order. Rotate the shuttle switch to select the item and press the button to confirm. After selecting “OK” and confirming, “FORMATTING...” appears and formatting starts. When formatting is complete, “COMPLETE” appears. If you format the built-in flash memory using Windows Explorer, “FORMAT ERROR” may appear on this player and any song may not play back, even if it is transferred by SonicStage. In this case, format the built-in memory on...

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