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Instructions Samsung, Modèle SM-P600

Fabricant : Samsung
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Facilité d'utilisation

Do not store your device in very hot or very cold areas. It is recommended to use your device at temperatures from 5 °C to 35 °C • Do not store your device in very hot areas such as inside a car in the summertime. Doing so may cause the screen to malfunction, result in damage to the device, or cause the battery to explode. • Do not expose your device to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (on the dashboard of a car, for example). • Store the battery at temperatures from 0 °C to 45 °C. Do not store your device with metal objects, such as coins, keys, and necklaces • Your device may be scratched or may malfunction. • If the battery terminals come into contact with metal objects, this may cause a fire. Do not store your device near magnetic fields • Your device may malfunction or the battery may discharge from exposure to magnetic fields. • Magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, may be damaged by magnetic fields. Do not use your device or applications for a while if the device is overheated Prolonged exposure of your skin to an overheated device may cause low temperature burn symptoms, such as red spots and pigmentation. Do not use your device with the back cover removed The battery may fall out of the device, which may result in damage or malfunction. If your device has a camera flash or light, do not use it close to the eyes of people or pets Using a flash close to the eyes may cause temporary loss of vision or damage to the eyes. Use caution when exposed to flashing lights • While using your device, leave some lights on in the room and do not hold the screen too close to your eyes. • Seizures or blackouts can occur when you are exposed to flashing lights while watching videos or playing Flash-based games for extended periods. If you feel any discomfort, stop using the device immediately. • If anyone related to you has experienced seizures or blackouts while using a similar device, consult a physician before using the device. • If you feel discomfort, such as a muscle spasm, or disoriented, stop using the device immediately and consult a physician. • To prevent eye strain, take frequent breaks while using the device. Reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries When you repetitively perform actions, such as pressing keys, drawing characters on a touch screen with your fingers, or playing games, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, neck, shoulders, or other parts of your body. When using your device for extended periods, hold the device with a relaxed grip, press the keys lightly, and take frequent breaks. If you continue to have discomfort during or after such use, stop using the device and consult a physician. Protect your hearing and ears when using a headset • Excessive exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage. • Exposure to loud sounds while walking may distract your attention and cause an accident. • Always turn the volume down before plugging the earpho...

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