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Instructions Samsung, Modèle GT-N8000

Fabricant : Samsung
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Facilité d'utilisation

Do not handle a damaged or leaking Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery For safe disposal of your Li-Ion battery, contact your nearest authorised service centre. Handle and dispose of the device and charger with care Use only Samsung-approved battery and charger specifically designed for • your device. Incompatible battery and charger can cause serious injuries or damage to your device. Never dispose of the battery or device in a fire. Follow all local regulations • when disposing of used battery or device. Never place the battery or device on or in heating devices, such as • microwave ovens, stoves, or radiators. The device may explode when overheated. Never crush or puncture the device. Avoid exposing the device to high • external pressure, which can lead to an internal short circuit and overheating. Protect the device, battery and charger from damage Avoid exposing your device and battery to very cold or very hot • temperatures. Extreme temperatures can damage the device and reduce the charging • capacity and life of your device and battery. Prevent the battery from coming into contact with metal objects, as this can • create a connection between the + and – terminals of your battery and lead to temporary or permanent battery damage. Never use a damaged charger or battery.• Caution: Follow all safety warnings and regulations when using your device in restricted areas Do not use your device near other electronic devices Most electronic devices use radio frequency signals. Your device may interfere with other electronic devices. Do not use your device near a pacemaker Avoid using your device within a 15 cm range of a pacemaker, if possible, as • your device can interfere with the pacemaker. To minimise possible interference with a pacemaker, use your device only on • the side of your body that is opposite the pacemaker. Do not use your device in a hospital or near medical equipment that can be interfered with by radio frequency If you use medical equipment, contact the equipment manufacturer before using your device to determine whether or not the equipment will be affected by radio frequencies emitted by the device. If you use a hearing aid, contact the manufacturer for information about radio interference The radio frequency emitted by your device may interfere with some hearing aids. Before using your device, contact the manufacturer to determine whether or not your hearing aid will be affected by radio frequencies emitted by the device. Turn off the device in potentially explosive environments Turn off your device in potentially explosive environments instead of • removing the battery. Always comply with regulations, instructions and signs in potentially • explosive environments. Do not use your device at refuelling points (petrol stations), near fuels or • chemicals, or in blasting areas. Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases, or explosive materials in the • same compartment as the device, its parts, or accessories. Turn off your device wh...

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