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Instructions Bad Boy Mowers, Modèle BAD BOY 02.9812.0001C

Fabricant : Bad Boy Mowers
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and other countries. All other brand or product names which may be mentioned in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. This manual is for informational use only and is subject to change without notice. Please check for latest version. PRG assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims resulting from errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual. Bad Boy™ Spot Luminaire User Manual Version as of: December 15, 2009 | PRG part number: 02.9812.0001C Production Resource Group Dallas Office 8617 Ambassador Row, Suite 120 Dallas, Texas 75247 Bad Boy™ Spot Luminaire User Manual ©2009 Production Resource Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. FOREWORD 02.9812.0001C i Compliance Notice This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Conforms to: UL STD 1573 Certified to: CAN/CSA STD E598-1 CAN/CSA STD E598-2-17 Safety Notice It is extremely important to read ALL safety information and instructions provided in this manual and any accompanying documentation before installing and operating the products described herein. Heed all cautions and warnings during installation and use of this product. Safety symbols used throughout this manual are as follows: GENERAL INFORMATION PERTAINING TO PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRICAL SHOCK, FIRE, EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE UV RADIATION, AND INJURY TO PERSONS CAN BE FOUND BELOW. WARNING: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE 1. PRG luminaires have been designed for use only with specific lamps. Note lamp type before replacing. Installing another type of lamp may be hazardous. 2. PRG luminaires may be mounted on any type of surface as long as mounting instructions are followed. See instructions detailed in this manual. 3. Replace fuses with same type and rating only. 4. Minimum distance from head to any flammable object is 2m. WARNING: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRICAL SHOCK 1. PRG luminaires are designed for dry locations only. Exposure to rain or moisture may damage luminaire. 2. Disconnect power before servicing any PRG equipment. 3. Servicing to be performed by qualified personnel only. FCC CAUTION advising of potential damage to product. WARNING advising of potential injury or death to persons. BAD BOY™ SPOT LUMINAIRE USER MANUAL WARNING: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION 1. PRG luminaires may use an HID type lamp which produces UV radiation. DO NOT look directly at lamp. 2. It is hazardous to operate luminaires without complete lamp enclosure in place or when lens is damaged. Lenses or UV shields shall be changed if they have become visibly damaged to such an extent that their effectiveness is impaired. WARNING: INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST INJURY TO PERSONS 1. Exterior surfaces of the luminaire will be hot during operation. Use appropriate safety equipment (gloves, eye protection, etc.) when handling and adjusting hot equipment and components. Service and maintenance should be performed only by qualified personnel as determined by the high pressure lighting fixture manufacturer. 2. Arc lamps generate intense heat. Disconnect power and allow lamp to cool for 5 minutes before relamping. 3. Arc lamps emit ultraviolet radiation which can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation. Additionally, arc lamps operate under high pressure at very high temperatures. Should the lamp break, there can exist a danger of personal injury and/or fire from broken lamp particles being discharged. 4. The lamp shall be changed if it has become damaged or thermally deformed. 5. If lamp is touched with bare hands, clean lamp with denatured alcohol and wipe with lint-free cloth before installing or powering up the luminaire. 6. Serious injury may result from the generation of ozone by this lamp system. A proper means of venting must be provided. 02.9812.0001C FOREWORD Notes de securite Avant de proceder a l’installation des produits decrits dans ce guide et de les mettre en marche, il est extremement important de lire TOUS les renseignements et TOUTES les directives de securite contenues dans ce guide ainsi que toute documentation jointe. Tenir compte de tous les avertissements et suivre toutes les precautions pendant l’installation et l’utilisation de cet appareil. Les symboles de securite utilises dans ce guide sont les suivants : ATTENTION Ce symbole annonce que l’appareil risque d’etre endommage. AVERTISSEMENT Ce symbole annonce qu’il y a risque d’accident grave ou meme fatal. CETTE SECTION CONTIENT DES INFORMATIONS GENERALES POUR SE PROTEGER CONTRE LES DECHARGES ELECTRIQUES, LES INCENDIES, L’EXPOSITION EXCESSIVE AUX RAYONS UV ET TOUT AUTRE ACCIDENT POUVANT ENTRAINER DES BLESSURES. AVERTISSEMENT: RISQUE D’ EXPLOSI...

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