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Instructions Peavey, Modèle VYPYR 30

Fabricant : Peavey
Taille : 9.32 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: enesfrde
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Compressors can produce percussive, clicky sounds on clean guitar or mellow sustain for lead work. Try this stompbox effect on a clean channel and strike the strings softly at first and then harder to HEAR and FEEL the effect. Parameter Adjustments: PI Level, P2 Sensitivity. tompbox Encoder Ring Modulator The Ring Modulator combines two waveforms and plays the sum and difference of the frequencies present in each waveform. As you will hear this effect is certainly a little “off the wall,” but can be a lot of fun. Parameter adjustments: PI Carrier Frequency, P2 Mix. Auto Wah The Auto Wah uses frequency filter sweeps in the range typically associated with vocals to give the guitar a “wah” sound. Parameter adjustments: PI Speed, P2 Sweep Depth. Analog Flange Flanging is a time-based audio effect that occurs when two identical signals are mixed together with one signal slightly delayed. This delay produces a swept comb-filter effect. MOG An effect of our own creation. MOG stands for “Monophonic Octave Generator.” Basically we generate a signal ONE OCTAVE ABOVE the signal you are playing and another ONE OCTAVE BELOW. This effect can get a little gnarly when used with chords so try it with single notes at first. Parameter adjustments: PI Octave UP level, P2 Octave DOWN level Analog Phase Analog Phase is an effect commonly confused with Flanging. Phasing uses changes in the frequency spectrum to create peaks and valleys in the audio signal. Tube Scrm Classic overdrive distortion with just a touch of MID BOOST. Great in front of almost any amp model. Try it in front of a clean DLX for starters. Parameter Adjustment: PI LEVEL, P2 DRIVE. Amp Encoder One of the most unique features of the VYPYR® amplifier is the clean/overdrive select encoder. Each of the amp modes contains TWO CHANNEL MODELS, usually the clean channel and the overdrive channel. In cases where the original amplifier has THREE CHANNELS (JSX®), we just picked our FAVORITE TWO. Turn the encoder to select the amplifier model you desire. To select the channel model, simply PRESS the AMP ENCODER. If the LED is GREEN, you are on the LESS DISTORTED (Clean/Green) channel of the two. If it is RED (Red channel), prepare to “shred.” A word about EQ: When modeling amplifiers for the VYPYR we also painstakingly modeled the EQ and how EQ controls functioned on the various amplifiers. For instance, the JSX has active EQ on the lead channel, you will notice when you are on the Red channel model of the JSX that the EQ will act very differently from that of a Green channel Twn. You can expect the EQ for each amp model to behave exactly like the EQ behaves on the actual amp. Therefore, on some models the EQ will have drastic effect, on others the EQ will have very litde effect. Experiment with each model to dial on the tone you want. Green Channel: Very bright clean sound. For many players this tone is the standard for “Clean”. Red Channel: This model was taken of a hot-rodded Twn with the r...

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