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Instructions Sony, Modèle CMT-SPZ50

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Facilité d'utilisation

Notes on using the remote • With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. • Do not mix an old battery with a new one or mix different types of batteries. • If you do not use the remote for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid damage from battery leakage and corrosion. To set the clock 1 Turn on the system. Press ... (power) .. 2 Select the clock set mode. Press CLOCK/TIMER SET . on the remote. If the current mode appears on the display, press ./. . on the remote repeatedly to select “CLOCK SET” and then press ENTER . on the remote. 3 Set the time. Press ./. . on the remote repeatedly to set the hour, and then press ENTER . on the remote. Use the same procedure to set the minute. The clock settings are lost when you disconnect the power cord or if a power failure occurs. Selecting a music source Press the following buttons (or press FUNCTION . repeatedly). To select Press CD CD . on the remote. Tuner TUNER/BAND .. Tape TAPE . on the remote. Component (connected using an audio cord) FUNCTION . repeatedly until “AUDIO IN” appears. Adjusting the sound To adjust the volume Press VOLUME +/– on the remote (or turn the VOLUME control on the unit) .. To add a sound effect To Press Generate a more dynamic sound (Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra) DSGX . on the unit. Generate a clearer sound (CMT-SPZ70 only) SOURCE DIRECT . on the unit. Set the sound effect EQ . repeatedly to select “BASS” or “TREBLE,” and then press +/– . on the remote (or EQ LEVEL +/– . on the unit (CMT-SPZ50/ SPZ55 only)) repeatedly to adjust the level. Or, turn BASS or TREBLE controls . on the unit (CMT-SPZ70 only). Notes on sound effects • The bass and treble settings and DSGX do not function when Source Direct is on. • Source Direct does not function when the headphones are connected. Playing a CD/MP3 disc 1 Select the CD function. Press CD . on the remote. 2 Place a disc. Press . (CD open/close) . on the unit, and place a disc with the label side up on the disc tray. To insert additional discs, slide the disc tray with your finger as shown below. To close the disc tray, press . (CD open/close) . on the unit again. Do not force the disc tray closed with your finger, as this may damage the unit. 3 Start playback. Press . (play) . on the remote (or CD/. (play/ pause) . on the unit). To Press Pause playback . (pause) . on the remote (or CD/. (play/pause) . on the unit). To resume play, press the button again. Stop playback . (stop) .. Select a folder on an MP3 disc +/– (select folder) .. Or turn the jog dial . on the unit and press PUSH ENTER . on the unit (turn the jog dial . on the unit during playback until “GROUP” appears, and then press PUSH ENTER . on the unit to select the desired folder). Select a track or file ./. (go back/go forward) .. Or turn the jog dial . on the unit and press PUSH ENTER . on the unit. To cancel, press CANCEL . on the unit. Find a point in a track or file Hold down ./. (rewind/fast forward) . during playback, and release the button at the desired point. Select Repeat Play REPEAT . repeatedly until “REP” or “REP1” appears. Select a disc Press DISC SKIP . on the remote (or DISC 1 – 3 . or DISC SKIP . (in stop mode) on the unit). Switch to CD function from another source Press DISC 1 – 3 . on the unit (Automatic Source Selection). Exchange other discs while playing Press EX-CHANGE . on the unit. To change the play mode Press PLAY MODE . repeatedly while the player is stopped. You can select normal play (“ALL DISCS” for all discs, “1DISC” for a disc, or “*” for all MP3 files in the folder on the disc), shuffle play (“ALL DISCS SHUF,” “1DISC SHUF,” or “ SHUF*”), or program play (“PGM”). * When playing a CD-DA disc, (SHUF) Play performs the same operation as 1DISC (SHUF) Play. Note on the jog dial Only the first 6 characters are displayed when performing the folder search, track search, or file search. Notes on Repeat Play • All tracks or files on a disc are played repeatedly up to five times. • You cannot select “REP” and “ALL DISCS SHUF” at the same time. • “REP 1” indicates that a single track or file is repeated until you stop it. Notes on playing MP3 discs • Do not save other types of files or unnecessary folders on a disc that has MP3 files. • Folders that have no MP3 files are skipped. • MP3 files are played back in the order that they are recorded onto the disc. • The system can only play MP3 files that have a file extension of “.MP3.” • If there are files on the disc that have the “.MP3” file extension, but that are not MP3 files, the unit may produce noise or may malfunction. • The maximum number of: – folders is 255 (including the root folder). – MP3 files is 511. – MP3 files and folders that can be contained on a single disc is 512. – folder levels (the tree structure of files) is 8. • Compatibility with all MP3 encoding/writing software, recording device, and recording media cannot be guaranteed. Incompatible MP3 discs may produce noise or interrupted audio or may not play at all....

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