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Instructions Sony, Modèle CMT-NEZ33

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Facilité d'utilisation

PAUSE/START .. 4 Start recording. While recording, you cannot listen to other sources. For CD Synchro Recording: Press . PAUSE/START .. When the recording is completed, the CD player and the tape deck stop automatically. If you are recording onto a tape and the tape reaches the end of the front side part-way through a track or file, “TURN TAPE” appears. Turn the tape over to the reverse side, re-insert it, and “PUSH REC” appears. And then press . PAUSE/ START .. For Manual Recording: Press . PAUSE/START ., and then start playing the desired recording source. If there is noise while recording from the tuner, reposition the appropriate antenna to reduce the noise. To stop recording Press . (stop) .. Note Recording stops if you change to a different function. Using the Timers The system offers three timer functions. You cannot activate both the Play Timer and the Rec Timer at the same time. If you use either with the Sleep Timer, the Sleep Timer has priority. Sleep Timer: You can fall asleep to music. This function works even if the clock is not set. Press SLEEP . on the remote repeatedly. If you select “AUTO,” the system automatically turns off after the current disc or tape stops or in 100 minutes. Do not select “AUTO” during Synchro Recording of a tape. Play Timer: You can wake up to CD, tape or tuner at a preset time. Rec Timer: You can record a preset radio station at a specified time. Use buttons on the remote to control the Play Timer and the Rec Timer. Make sure you have set the clock. 1 Prepare the sound source. For Play Timer: Prepare the sound source, and then press VOLUME +/– . to adjust the volume. To start from a specific CD track or MP3 file, create your own CD program. For Rec Timer: Tune in the preset radio station. 2 Press CLOCK/TIMER SET .. 3 Press ./. . repeatedly to select “PLAY SET” or “REC SET” then press ENTER .. “ON TIME” appears, and the hour indication flashes. 4 Set the time to start playing or recording. Press ./. . repeatedly to set the hour, and then press ENTER .. The minute indication flashes. Use the procedure above to set the minute. 5 Use the same procedure as in step 4 to set the time to stop playing or recording. 6 Select the sound source or prepare the tape. For Play Timer: Press ./. . repeatedly until the desired sound source appears, and then press ENTER .. The display shows the timer settings. For Rec Timer: Load a recordable tape. The display shows the timer settings. 7 Press ... (power) . to turn off the system. The system turns on 15 seconds before the preset time. If the system is on at the preset time, the Play Timer and the Rec Timer will not play or record. To activate or check the timer again Press CLOCK/TIMER SELECT ., press ./. . repeatedly until “PLAY SEL” or “REC SEL” appears, and then press ENTER .. To cancel the timer Repeat the same procedure as above until “OFF” appears, and then press ENTER .. To change the setting Start over from step 1. Tips • The Play Timer setting remains as long as the setting is not canceled manually. • The volume is reduced to minimum during the Rec Timer. • The Rec Timer is canceled automatically after the Rec Timer has been activated. Troubleshooting 1 Make sure the power cord and speaker cords are correctly and firmly connected. 2 Find your problem in the checklist below, and take the indicated corrective action. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Sony dealer. If the STANDBY indicator flashes Immediately unplug the power cord, and check the following item. • If your system has a voltage selector, is the voltage selector set to the correct voltage? • Are the + and – speaker cords short-circuited? • Are you using only the supplied speakers? • Is anything blocking the ventilation holes on the back of the system? After the STANDBY indicator . stops flashing, reconnect the power cord, and turn on the system. If the issue persists, contact your nearest Sony dealer. General Sound comes from one channel, or the left and right volumes are unbalanced. • Place the speakers as symmetrically as possible. • Connect only the supplied speakers. Severe hum or noise. • Move the system away from sources of noise. • Connect the system to a different wall socket. • Install a noise filter (available separately) to the power cord. The remote does not function. • Remove any obstacles between the remote and the remote sensor . on the unit, and position the unit away from fluorescent lights. • Point the remote at the system’s sensor. • Move the remote closer to the system. CD/MP3 player The sound skips, or the disc will not play. • Wipe the disc clean, and replace it. • Move the system to a location away from vibration (for example, on top of a stable stand). • Move the speakers away from the system, or place them on separate stands. At high volume, speaker vibration may cause the sound to skip. Play does not start from the first track. • Return to Normal Play by pressing PLAY MODE . repeatedly until both “PGM” and “SHUF” disappear. Starting ...

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