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Instructions Samsung, Modèle YP-W1AL

Fabricant : Samsung
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Safety information Use caution when using the battery • If you detect a leak, odours, or smoke, turn off the product immediately and contact a Samsung service centre. The battery may explode or cause a fire. • Do not use the product on or near hot floors or electric blankets. The battery may malfunction, explode, or cause a fire. • Do not expose the battery to sources of excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like. • Do not puncture the battery or subject the battery to sharp impacts. Damaged or punctured batteries can explode or cause a fire. • Do not store the battery with metal objects, such as coins, keys, and necklaces. If the battery terminals come in contact with metal objects, the battery can be damaged, become deformed, or malfunction. It can also cause a fire. • Do not use the player in a bathroom. Water or fluids may damage the parts or circuits of the product. The product or battery may malfunction, cause a fire or explode. Use the product only within the suggested temperature and humidity range: 5 ~ 35 °C and 20 ~ 80 % relative humidity. • Do not overcharge the battery. Disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged. • Charge the battery once a month if you are not using it regularly over along time. Discharging the battery may shorten the battery life. The battery may eventually malfunction, cause a fire, or explode. Special features of your Contents MP3 player 10 Use basic functions 10 What's included Simple menus for language study in 11 Your player Study mode 13 Connect to a PC and charge the battery SoundAliveTM brings your music to life 15 Turn your player on and lock the buttons Compact, simplistic design 16 Manage music files 16 Download music files 16 Supported file formats and PC requirements 17 Download files using your player as a removable disk 18 Disconnect your player from a PC 19 Connect to Galaxy S3 Contents Contents 20 Play music 20 Listen to music 22 Appendix 22 Maintenance of your player 23 Troubleshooting 24 Specifications 25 Correct disposal of this product 25 Correct disposal of batteries in this product 26 Licence 26 Open Source Announcement 27 Contact Samsung World Wide Learn to perform basic operations with your player. Use basic functions Check your product box for the following items: What's included 10Player Earphones PC connector Phone connector Quick start guide Note •The items supplied with your player may look different than the illustrations in this manual. •You can obtain additional accessories from your local Samsung dealer. Caution •Do not connect the supplied PC connector and Phone connector to other products. •Do not apply any excessive pressure on the portable clip of the player. It may damage the player. Your player Pl Portable clip ayback mode switch Lock switch LED Earphones/ PC connector/ Phone connector jack The indicators will illuminate when turning the player on or off or when the player is in use. Reset hole If your player is frozen or unresponsive, insert a pointed object (such as a toothpick or paper clip) into the reset hole. The system will be initialised. Power/ SoundAlive switch Use basic functions > Your player Switch functions LED Status Playback mode • Turn the player on (slide to the center) SoundAlive • Turn the player off (slide to the bottom) • Activate normal playback mode (slide up) • Activate Shuffle mode (slide down) Red • Lock the touch buttons (slide up) Lock • Unlock the touch buttons (slide down) • Charging in progress (when connected to a PC) • Display the battery level when pressing the touch buttons while using the product : 1~10 % * When the battery level falls below 10%, you can use the player for an hour and a half without charging.(This is based on playing mp3 at 128kbps. Playing time may vary depending on contents.) Switch Function LED color Indication • Activate the SoundAlive feature (slide to the • Power ON/OFF Blue top) • Data transmission Power/ Touch button functions • Charging completed (when connected to a PC) Green • Display the battery level when pressing touch buttons while using the product : 11~100 % Touch button Function Volume Adjust the volume Purple Search • Skip to the previous/next file • Search backward/forward (press and hold) High Volume Level Warning (Indicate that the volume has reached a given level.) Caution Excessive exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage. Begin or pause playback Blue • Green . Play/Pause Display the SoundAlive feature activation process Orange blinking Connect to a PC and charge the battery Connect your player to a PC and charge the battery before you use your player for the first time or when you have not used it for a long time. Connect the smaller end of the PC connector to the earphones jack at the top of your player. Connect the larger end of the PC connector to the USB port of a PC. : Charging in progress : Charging completed Charging time About 2 hours When the battery is fully charged, unplug the PC connector from your player and the PC. U...

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