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Instructions Karcher, Modèle 670M

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Please read these operating instructions before starting and strictly observe the "Safety Instructions for High Pressure Cleaners (5.951-949)". (FreeText) (FreeText) WARNING • DO NOT USE WITH FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS AND TOXIC CHEMICALS • INJECTION HAZARD: EQUIPMENT CAN CAUSE SERIOUSE INJURY IF THE SPRAY PENETRATES THE SKIN. DO NOT POINT THE GUN AT ANYONE OR ANY PART OF THE BODY. IN CASE OF PENETRATION SEEK MEDICAL AID IMMIDIATELY. (FreeText) MEDICAUX. (FreeText) • THIS SYSTEM IS CAPABLE OF RUPTURE AND INJURY, DO NOT OPERATE THIS PUMP WITH COM( FreeText) (FreeText) (FreeText) PONENTS RATED LESS THAN DING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SPRAY GUNS, HOSE AND HOSE CONNECTIONS). • BEFORE SERVICING, CLEANING OR REMOVAL ANY PARTS, SHUT OFF POWER AND RELIEVE PRESSURE. (FreeText) Veuillez lire attentivement la presente notice d.instructions avant la mise en service et respecter en particulier les "Consignes de securite pour nettoyeurs haute pression (5.951-949)". AVERTISSEMENT • RISQUE D.INJECTION DE PEINTURE: LE MATERIEL PEUT ENTRAINER DE GRAVES BLESSURES S.IL Y A PENETRATION DE LA PEAU PAR LA PEINTURE. NE JAMAIS DE POINTER LE PISTOLET VERS UNE PERSONNE OU VERS SOI-MEME. EN CAS D.ACCIDENT, DEMANDER IMMEDIATEMENT DES SOINS • CE MATERIELPEUT PRODUIRE UNE PRESSION DE D.EVITER DES RUPTURESET DES BLESSURES, NE PAS UTILISER CETTE POMPE AVEC DES ELEMENTS DONT LA PRESSIONE NOMINALE DE SERVICE EST INFERIEURE A (Y COMPRIS LES PULVERISATEURS, TUYAUX FLEXIBLES ET RACCORDS). (FreeText) (FreeText) • COUPER LE COURANT ET DETENDRE A LA PRESSION ATMOSPHERIQUE AVANT DE PROCEDER AU DEPANNAGE, AU NETTOYAGE, OU D.ENLEVER TOUTE PIECE. 3 1 Carrying handle 2 High-pressure hose reel 3 High-pressure outlet 4 Appliance switch (ON/OFF) 5 Connection lead 6 Mains cable rewinding 7 Support leg 8 Water connection with filter 9 Coupling 10 Detergent suction hose with dosing ring 11 Detergent container 12 Spray gun 13 Safety ratchet 14 High-pressure hose 15 Pressure guage 16 Spray lance (with pressure control) 17 Dirt blaster 18 Washing brush 1 Poignee de transport 2 Tambour a flexible haute pression 3 Sortie haute pression 4 Commutateur (MARCHE/ARRET) 5 Cable de branchement 6 Enrouleur du cable d’alimentation 7 Pied d’appui 8 Prise d’eau a crible 9 Raccord 10 Flexible d.aspiration de detergent a bague de dosage 11 Reservoir de detergent 12 Poignee-pistolet 13 Cran d’arret 14 Tuyau haute pression 15 Manometre 16 Lance avec disp. regulateur de la pression 17 Reservoir de detergent 18 Brosse de lavage 4 Starting Mise en service 5 Operation with high pressure Marche avec haute pression 6 A - Operation with Detergent -------------- B - Suction operation A - Marche avec un detergent --------------- B - Mode aspiration 7 A - Switching Off ------------------------B - Care and maintenance A - Domaine d’application -------- B - Entretien et maintenance Starting -Dirt in the feed water could lead to the appliance being damaged. To avoid this risk, we recommend fitting a filter with 3/4" connection . -If you are using an extension cable, it should always be completely unwound from the cable drum and have a sufficient cross-sectional area (10 m = 1,5 mm., 30m = 2,5 mm.). Operation with high pressure -The appliance is equipped with a pressure- operated switch. The motor starts only if the lever of the gun is pulled. -The safety ratchet does not lock the lever of the gun during operation but only prevents it from opening unintentionally. Suction operation -Allow the pump to operate without the high-pressure hose until water appears at the high-pressure outlet without any more bubbles.Then re-attach the high- pressure hose. Operation with Detergent -We recommend that you use detergent sparingly for the sake of the environment. Observe the recommended dosage on the detergent label. -By offering you an individualised range of clea-ning and preserving agents, Karcher guarantees trouble-free operation of the unit. -We recommend the following cleaning methods: Step 1: Loosening dirt Spray on detergent sparingly and allow to react for a short time. Step 2: Removing dirt Spray off the loosened dirt with the high-pressure spray. Switching Off -After using a detergent, the appliance should be rinsed clear. To do this, suspend the detergent suction hose in a container of clean water, and run the pump for approx. 1 minute. -Pull the trigger until there is no more pressure in the appliance, and secure the trigger with the safety ratchet against unintentional opening. -Frost will destroy an appliance which has not been completely emptied of water. the overflow valve switches off the (FreeText) appliance via a pressure-operated switch. (FreeText) The overflow valve is also a safety device Troubleshooting !Note: Disconnect the appliance from the power mains before all repair work. Appliance does not Work -Check whether the voltage shown on the rating plate corresponds to that of the power source. -Check the connector cable for damage. Appliance does not reach Pressure -Set the spray lance to the ...

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