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Instructions Nilfisk-ALTO, Modèle NEPTUNE NEPTUNE 2

Fabricant : Nilfisk-ALTO
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....... ......................................58-60 K.sa k.lavuz ..................................................61-63 2 0 300 CUT OUT 1 °F 21080 85°C 175 105 120 60140 70160 90 195 100 30 40 50 0 2% 1% 3% 4% 3 Max. 50°C 1 2 0 0 2% 1% 3% 4% 4 0 2% 1% 3% 105 300 CUT OUT 150 °F 21080 85°C 175 120 60140 70160 90 195 100 30 40 50 0 4% 0 2 1 0°C 0 300 CUT OUT 1 °F 21080 85°C 175 105 120 60140 70160 90 195 100 30 40 50 0 2% 1% 3% 4% 1 2 This document This document contains the safety information relevant for the appliance along with a quick start guide. Prior to using the appliance for the first time, be sure to read this document through and keep it ready to hand. Further support Detailed information on the appliance can be found in the operating instructions, which you can download from our web site at For further queries, please contact the Nilfisk service representative responsible for your country. See reverse of this document. Important safety instructions the appliance must • only be used by persons, who have been instructed in its correct usage and explicitly commissioned with the task of operating it • only be operated under supervision • not be used by children .. High pressure hoses and couplings are safety relevant. Only use parts recommended by the manufacturer .. Oil- or gas heated machines must be placed in well ventilated areas Purpose and intended use This high pressure washer has been designed for professional use in: - Agriculture, industry, transport industry, automotive cleaning, municipal facilities, cleaning trade, construction industry, food industry etc. Any other use is considered as improper use. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from such use. The risk for such use is borne solely by the user. Proper use also includes proper operation, servicing and repairs as specified by the manu facturer. See operating instructions. General Use of the high pressure cleaner is subject to the applicable local regulations. Besides the operating instructions and the binding accident prevention regulations valid in the country of use, observe recognised regulations for safety and proper use. Transport 1. For safe transport in and on vechicles we recommend to prevent the equipment from sliding and tilting by fixing it with belts 2. Transport (when tilted): -Unplug the machine before tilting it. -Do not tilt the machine on the front. 3. When transported at or below 0°C, pour anti-freeze into the water boiling tank and suck up anti-freeze through the pump beforehand. Storage .. Store the appliance in a dry place, protected from frost. NEVER START-UP A FROZEN MACHINE. Frost damages are not covered by the guarantee! Before use Before starting up your machine, please check it carefully for any defects. If you find any, do not start up your machine. Contact your Nilfisk distributor. Especially check: .. High pressure hose and spraying pistol. • The insulation of the electric cable should be faultless and without any cracks. If the electric cable is damaged, an authorized Nilfisk distributor should replace it. Water connection 1. Never operate the cleaner without water. Even brief shortages of water result in severe damage to the pump seals. 2. To connect the appliance use a textile- reinforced water hose with a nominal diameter of min. 3/4” (19mm). 3. Observe required water quantity and water pressure. 4. In the case of poor water quality (sand, etc.) add a water filter to the machine. 5. Rinse the water supply hose briefly in order to prevent sand and other dirt particles entering into the machine. Mains power connection The following should be observed when connecting the high pressure washer to the electric installation: • Only connect the machine to an installation with earth connection. • The electric installation shall be made by a 5 certifi ed electrician. • According to IEC 60364-1 it is strongly recommended that the electric supply to this machine should include a residual current device (GFCI). Extension cables Inadequate extension cables can be dangerous. Cables on drums should always be completely unwinded to prevent the cable from overheating. Extension cables should be of a watertight construction and comply with the below-mentioned requirements for length and cable dimensions. Cable length Cross section < 16 A < 25 A up to 20 m 1.5 mm2 2.5 mm2 20 to 50 m 2.5 mm2 4.0 mm2 • Cable connections should be kept dry and off the ground. During operation • High pressure jets can be dangerous. Never direct the water jet at persons, pets, live electrical equipment or the machine itself. • Never try to clean clothes or footwear on yourself or other persons. • The operator and anyone in the immediate vicinity of the site of cleaning should take action to protect themselves from being struck by debris dislodged during operation. Wear goggles during operation. • Do not cover the machine during operation. • Never use the machine in an environment where there co...

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