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Note: Always test your cable(s) prior to any permanent installation. It is imperative that the wired pairs in the IN1124 / IN1130 CAT5 system adhere to the wiring standards shown on the following page, otherwise the system will not function properly. The pertinent standard for INLINE’s CAT5 cable is the TIA 568B. In order for the IN1124 / IN1130 system to function properly, the CAT5 wire pairs (regardless of their color) must be maintained within both RJ45 connectors. 7.) Connect one end of the CAT5 cable(s) to one of the RJ45 Output Receptacles on the back of the IN1124. Connect the other RJ45 connector(s) to the CAT5 Input Receptacle(s) on the back of the IN1130 (s). 8.) Connect the IN1130 15-pin VGA output(s) to the display device(s). 9.) If applicable, connect the powered local speakers to the 3.5mm outlet(s) on the back of the IN1130-2. Featuring (2) 3.5mm mini connectors for mono audio output, the IN1130-2 can drive two pairs of speakers simultaneously, or be connected to any audio device that accepts a buffered line level audio signal. 10.) Connect the round connector on the IN9204-1 / IN9204-2 power supply (included) to the power input jack of the IN1130 (s) (located on the right side of the rear panel). Connect the adapter box side of the power supply to the A/C power source. Both units power up automatically after A/C power has been applied (the power indicator lights / front panel LEDs will illuminate). 11.) Connect the round connector on the IN9211-1 / IN9211-5 power supply (included) to the power input jack of the IN1124 (also located on the right side of the rear panel). Connect the adapter box side of the power supply to the A/C power source. 12.) Turn on the computer, local monitor, all powered speakers and all remote data monitors. 13.) The IN1130 features a video peaking control (located on the right side of the back panel) that enhances image detail and sharpness by boosting high frequencies, allowing users to optimize the display device(s) video image for various cable lengths. Turning the regulator clockwise will increase the peaking, and counter-clockwise will decrease the peaking. Using the IN9333 adjustment tool (provided), gently adjust the peaking control until optimum sharpness and picture quality is achieved. IN1124 / IN1130 Operation Manual - Preliminary 9/5/00 © 2000 - Inline, Inc. SUGGESTED MAXIMUM CABLE LENGTHS Several factors will affect the video signal quality you can expect using the IN1124 / IN1130 system including the input signal resolution and refresh rate, quality of CAT5 cable and the length of cable. Generally speaking, the higher the signal bandwidth, the shorter the distance it can be transmitted along any cable (coaxial or UTP) before it begins to degrade. The table below provides the maximum recommended cable lengths at various resolutions for the IN1124 / IN1130 system using CAT5 cable: Maximum Length 1600 x 1200 250’ 1280 x 1024 300’ 1024 x 768 350’ 800 x 600 400’ 640 x 480 500’ TIA 568B STANDARDS FOR CAT5 CABLE - EIGHT POSITION MODULAR JACK PAIR ASSIGNMENTS FOR RJ45 CONNECTORS ::*%/:%/*:%5%5 . . . . © 2000 - Inline, Inc. IN1124 / IN1130 Operation Manual - Preliminary 9/5/00 ADAPTER / EXTENSION CABLES FOR INPUT AND LOCAL MONITOR / DISPLAY DEVICE OUTPUT The IN1124 / IN1130 system has 15-pin HD VGA-type input / output connectors. The following adapter / extension cables are available: Computer 3’ 6’ 12’ 25’ 35’ - 250’ VGA: 15-Pin HD Input Cable IN8006M IN8012M IN8025M IN80xx Output Cable (optional) IN8006 IN8012 IN8025 IN80xx MAC with 15-Pin D: Input Cable IN9140M IN9144M Output Cable IN9141 IN9145 MAC G3, G4 and PowerBook with 15-Pin HD*: Input Cable IN8006M IN8012M IN8025M IN80xx Output Cable IN8006 IN8012 IN8025 IN80xx SUN: 13W3 (may also be used with SGI with RGsB output) Input Cable IN9142M IN9146M Output Cable IN9143 IN9147 Workstation: 5 BNC / RGBHV Input Cable IN9047 IN9045 IN9045-L25 Output Cable IN9047 IN9045 IN9045-L25 Workstation: 4 BNC - RGBS Input Cable IN9100M *Newer Mac G3 models (with translucent cases) have 15-Pin HD connectors (pins arranged in 3 rows). Older G3 models (with solid white enclosures) incorporate 15-Pin D connectors (pins arranged in 2 rows). SELECTING THE RIGHT CAT5 CABLE The CAT5 standard was created to address issues related to high bandwidth transmission of data signals. CAT5 cables were not originally intended for video and audio signal transmission and unfortunately, many performance characteristics that are important for good quality transmission of video signals are not included in the CAT5 spec and are not tested by most cable manufacturers. Many cable performance parameters such as attenuation, bandwidth, capacitance and near-end cross talk are important to video performance; however, impedance and pair-to-pair skew have the greatest effect when transmitting high resolution video signals over CAT5 cables. Impedance -There is a wide variance in impedance between different brands of cables. The TIA / ...

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