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Instructions Braun, Modèle CombiMax 700

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We hope you thoroughly enjoy your new Braun appliance. Important • The blades ©/© are very sharp! Take hold of the blades by the knob only. After use, always first remove the blades from the bowls ®/@ before removing the processed food. • Make sure that your voltage corresponds to the voltage printed on the bottom of the appliance. Connect to alternating current only. • Keep the appliance out of the reach of children. • This appliance was constructed for household use only to process the listed quantities. • Do not use any parts in the microwave oven. • Make sure to avoid touching the running drives with your fingers. Put on the protective cover © whenever a drive place is not in use, since both drives rotate simultaneously when switching on the appliance. • Do not allow the appliance to operate unsupervised. • Braun appliances meet applicable safety standards. Repairs on electric appliances must only be done by authorized service personnel. Faulty, unqualified repair work may cause accidents or injury to the user. • The cord of the appliance may only be replaced by an authorized Braun Service Center, because a special tool is required. • Switch the appliance off and disconnect it from the mains before storing it. Specifications • Voltage/wattage: See typeplate on the bottom of the appliance. • Operating time and max. capacity: See processing instructions. Description The Braun CombiMax with the 2-bowl system meets highest demands for kneading, mixing, blending, chopping, slicing, shredding and grating, both simply and quickly. To obtain best results, two different working bowls are available: a large food processor bowl © and a small chopper bowl j. Thus, for chopping, pureeing or mixing you can choose between the large and the small working bowl. Moreover, you can use the small bowl to prepare the food which then can be further processed in the large bowl (e. g. to chop nuts for a nut cake dough). Only one bowl can be operated at a time. 1 Motor block 2 Cord store © Motor switch (On = I, off = off/0) 4 Pulse mode «• pulse» 5 Variable speed regulator (2-14) © Safety lock (avoids simultaneous operation of both working bowls) © Food processor bowl (2 l capacity) ® Lid for food processor bowl © © Pusher for lid © © Chopper/mixer bowl for small quantities (0.75 l capacity) Lid for chopper bowl © © Seal ring for lid © l Blade for chopper bowl © @ Protective cover for motor drive when bowl has been taken off Attachments for food processor bowl © (Important: Not all attachments will be included in the standard equipment of all models). ® Blade for food processor bowl © with protective cover © Insert carrier ® Fine slicing insert - a © Coarse slicing insert - b © Fine shredding insert - c © Coarse shredding insert - d © Grating insert - e © French-fries system V Plastic or metal kneading hook (depending on model) © Whipping attachment Note: Before using the food processor for the first time, clean all parts as described under «Cleaning». Overload protection In order to avoid damages caused by overload, this appliance is equipped with an automatic security switch which shuts off the current supply if necessary. In such case, turn the motor switch © back to «off/0» and wait approx. 15 minutes to allow the motor to cool off before switching on the appliance again. Pulse mode «• pulse» 4 The pulse mode is for example useful for the following applications: • Chopping delicate and soft food, e.g., eggs, onions or parsley. • Carefully folding flour into dough or batter to maintain the creaminess. • Adding whipped eggs or cream to more solid food. The pulse mode «• pulse» is activated by pressing the green knob on the motor switch 4 with switch setting «off/0». Before activating the pulse mode, set the desired speed with the speed regulator ©. When releasing the green pulse knob 4, the appliance is switched off. Recommended speed ranges for individual attachments Set the speed range by means of the variable speed regulator ©. It is recommended to first select the speed and then switch on the appliance in order to work whith the desired speed right from the beginning. Attachments Speed range Kneading hock 6 Blade l and n 6-14 Whipping attachment: - egg-whites 5 - cream 3 Slicing, grating and shredding inserts 2-8 French-fries system 2-3 (please also refer to product printing) Working with the 2-bowl system Only one working bowl can be operated at a time. The working bowl which is not used must be in the upper position or additionally, can be turned in the «click» direction where it is locked in place. When the arrow markings are aligned, the bowl can be taken off. For safety reasons, always put the protective cover © onto the free drive shaft after a bowl has been taken off. Double safety feature: The appliance can only be switched on when the desired working bowl with lid is properly engaged. If the lid is opened during operation, the motor switches off...

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