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Instructions Accell, Modèle MPC-816 Series

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Flange H / Flange D Metal Fittings Flange H [Characteristics] Metal fittings for MPC-SET (EX) and MPC_816XC. The H type is for a back-face installation, and the D type is for a bottom-face installation. Flange D [Construction] Metal fitting *1, Machine screws *2. -13 MPC Peripherals ~ Common for MPC-68K and MPC-816 ~ Cable DOS/V 98 [Characteristics] This is a cable of our company brand to connect MPC and a personal computer. Although the basic cable is for DOS/V, because a 25-pin conversion connector is included, it can also be used for PC98. FTM (FTM98 / FTMDOSV / FTMWIN) [Characteristics] MPC terminal software “FTMW32”, 816/68K command references, Communication program development support tools, etc. are included. [Construction] Setup Disk (3.5” 1.44 MB format). * Other than these, there are FTM versions for NEC98DOS, DOS/V, and English Windows. Please refer to our Business or Technical Department. IOD-024 I/O Relay Box [Characteristics] Because the I/O connector of MPC is compact and has high density, wiring work in a large-scale system is troublesome, and because there is no display of the I/O, debugging is laborsome. IOD-024 connects to the I/O connector of MPC via a flat cable, and branches it point by point to a relay connector. Also, because each point is equipped with an LED, wiring debugging and system maintenance become easy. Also, interfacing a sensor containing a two-line amplifier can be done easily. (With a case PCML-95W02) [Specification] Input: 26-pin/50-pin flat cable. Output: Molex 5557-04R + 5556TL [Compatible parts] Please purchase upon necessity. Pressure-attaching tool (57027-5000 (Molex)) Extracting tool (57031-6000 (Molex)) Contacts (5556TL (Molex)) Housing (5557-04R (Molex)) Housing (5557-02R (Molex)) PIF-422 Pulse-Signal Conversion Interface (Conversion into RS-422 or TTL) PIF-400 Pulse-Signal Conversion Interface (DC 24V Open Collector) [Characteristics] In MIF-816 and MPC-68K, the pulse-signal output is not isolated. Therefore, if a driver is directly connected, noise may cause the controller to stall. When a high-noise driver such as an AC servo is connected, please use one of the above conversion interfaces depending on the kind of interface. Although PIF-422 is an RS-422 output, if an SG terminal is connected together, it can deal with 5V TTL-level signals. (A case sold separately: PCML-60S02) [Specification] Power source: DC 12V~24V Input: TLP-552 (1) Output: SN75158P (for 4 axes) (PIF-422) DC 24V open collector (PIF_400) (3) (2) Consumed current: [70 mA] (PIF-422) [30 mA] (PIF-400) [Accessories] (1) Connector (HIF-3BA-16D-2.54R) Hirose *2 (2) Power connector (H4P-SHF-AA) JST *1 (3) Contacts (BHF-001T-0.8SS) JST *4 CEP-025 ACCEL CEP-027 PIF-422 ACCEL -14 How to Deal with Noise Control involving position determination control internally deals with signals of several msec. Because this signal is at a similar level to a noise signal, no matter what control device is used, reliability and accuracy cannot be obtained without any noise countermeasures. When making a device containing a position-determination control, please keep the following in mind. EA C 200 Install noise filters to power lines to prevent external-noise: One for strong and another for weak electricity. Electricity leakage breaker NF AC servo driver AC servo is a noise source PS MPC power ON/OFF is by the primary side of PS NF Motor driving line (shielded) I/O Signal line 24V line MPC Separation Sequencer Stepping motor driver Separation MS Long wiring should be separated by a relay etc. Twisted-pair cable should be used for pulse-signal lines, and should not be cut in the middle or bound with strong-electricity systems. AC200 sequencer noise is significant A surge of AC 200V becomes fatal noise. There are noise countermeasures for electromagnetic switch coils and contacts. Also, these lines and DC 24V system should never be bound together. SSR ON/OFF of induction motor etc. should be preferably done by an SSR with zero cross rather than by a relay. One-side grounding AC100 DC24V GND If an MPC I/O and a sequencer I/O of another power source are directly connected, the current comes into MPC. Please separate them with a relay etc. I/O No binding with a binding band It is not good to bind stepping motor driving lines and signal lines such as the one for an origin sensor, either. Relay control circuit RS-232C Pulse RS-232C I/O I/O Pulse Crosstalk between signal line and lines 5 & 6 by relay of RS-232C for programming via cab-tire cable. Please use twisted-pair cables. RS-232C I/O Separate driver lines for a servo motor and stepping motor, signal line, and DC 24V line, and prevent relays as much as possible. Especially for robots and such, please don’t bind motor driver lines, signal lines such as the one for an origin sensor, DC 24V lines, etc. with the same plarail etc. Install surge removers to coil resistors such as solenoid valve, relay, electromagnetic counter, etc. RS-232C To be separated from strong electrici...

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