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Instructions Monessen Hearth, Modèle VF6000-CMP-2

Fabricant : Monessen Hearth
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The appliance is shipped with all gas controls and components installed and pre-wired. Remove the shipping carton, exposing the optional (if installed) front glass door frame. NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATION NOT TO SCALE. Remove wood slats and remove and discard the wood slat mount brackets. Loosen and remove the three (3) 1/4"-20 x 1" Phillips pan head screws at the three (3) tabs located along the door frame top edge. Tilt the glass door frame assembly outward and disengage the three (3) tabs along the bottom of the door from the three (3) brackets at the bottom of the firebox opening. Remove the door and set the panel aside protecting it from inadvertent damage. Retain the three (3) screws for use on reassembly. Remove the logs, packaged inside the firebox, and also set aside. Check Gas Type This appliance can only be connected to the gas type specified on the appliance data plate. This appliance can not be modified in the field for a different gas type. If the gas type to be used is not the one specified contact the dealer to obtain the correct gas appliance. Note:Illustrations shown in this manual reflect “typical” installations with nominal dimensions and are for design and framing reference only. Actual installations may vary due to individual design preferences. However, always maintain minimum clearances to combustible materials and do not violate any specific installation requirements. Note:The following steps represent the normal sequence of installation. Each installation is unique, however, and might require a different sequence. CAUTION: HEATERS CREATE WARM AIR CURRENTS. THESE CURRENTS MOVE HEAT TO WALL SURFACES NEXT TO HEATER. INSTALLING HEATER NEXT TO VINYL OR CLOTH WALL COVERINGS OR OPERATING HEATER WHERE IMPURITIES IN THE AIR (SUCH AS TOBACCO SMOKE) EXISTS, MAY DISCOLOR WALLS. Step 1. Position heater in desired location (freestanding, onto surround base or into prepared framing) and secure. Step 2. Plumb gas line. (Gas connections should only be performed by an experienced, licensed/ certified tradesman.) Step 3. Assemble logs and test flame appearance. Step 4. Complete finish wall material, surround and optional hearth extension to your individual taste. Note:Framing dimensions in Figures 4 - 9 are calculated for a nailing flange depth of..." (13 mm). Note:Framing dimensions in Figures 4 - 9 are calculated for a nailing flange depth of..." (13 mm). Back Wall of Chase/Enclosure Chase/Enclosure Including Finishing Including Finishing Figure 4 Figure 7 Back Wall of Back Wall of Chase/Enclosure Chase/Enclosure Figure 8 Figure 5 VF6000 VF5000 Figure 6 Figure 9 The header may be in direct contact with the top metal spacers, but must not rest on them or be notched to fit around them. NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATION NOT TO SCALE. 37" (940mm) 15 1/2" (394mm) Outside Wall VF5000 Materials If Any. Materials If Any. 41" (1041mm) 19 1/2" (495mm) Outside Wall VF6000 37" (940mm) 58" (1473mm) 13 1/2" (343mm) 29" (737mm) 41" (1041mm) VF5000 Including FinishingMaterials If Any. 41" (1041mm...

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