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Instructions Monessen Hearth, Modèle VF4000-CHP-2

Fabricant : Monessen Hearth
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In addition a periodic visual check of the flames should be made. The pilot flame should always be present when the heater is in operation and should just envelope the tip of the thermocouple (Figure 15). WARNING: NO ADJUSTMENTS ARE TOBE MADE TO THE ODS PILOT SYSTEM. TAMPERING WITH THIS SYSTEM CANBE EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS. Standard (Manual) Version Shown Figure 15 An incorrect pilot flame is shown inFigure 16. This pilot flame will cause the thermocouple to cool. When the thermocouple cools, the heater will shut off. If pilot flame pattern is incorrect, or if heater shuts off, contact your service representative. Standard (Manual) Version Shown Figure 16 In normal operation, at full rate, after 15 minutes the following flame appearance should be observed: Rear Burner Flame Characteristics –The rear flames should be yellow. The flames should extend about 3 – 4" above the front log for natural gas and 2 – 3" above for propane (L.P.G.) gas (Figure 17). Figure 17 Main Burner – The flames at the front burner holes will be blue becoming yellowish as they hit the bark-like texture of the base and front face of the front log (Figure 17). Appliance Operation WARNING: THE LOWER CONTROL COM- PARTMENT AREA AND LOWER CONTROLCOMPARTMENT ACCESS DOOR ARE EX- TREMELY HOT WHEN THE APPLIANCE ISIN OPERATION. EXERCISE EXTREME CAREWHEN ACCESSING THIS AREA. TOUCHONLY THE FAR ENDS OF THE LOWERCONTROL COMPARTMENT DOOR WHENOPENING WHILE THE APPLIANCE IS HOT. NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATION NOT TO SCALE. Step 13. Checking the System –With gas line installed run initial system checkout before closing up the front of the unit. Follow the pilot lighting instructions on pages 14 and 16. Note: Instructions are also found on the pull out panel located on the bottom surface of the appliance. When first lighting the appliance, it will take a few minutes for the line to purge itself of air. Once purging is complete, the pilot and burner will light and operate as indicated in the instruction manual. Subsequent lightings of the appliance will not require such purging. Inspect the pilot flame (remove logs, if necessary, handling carefully). The pilot flame should be steady, not lifting or floating. Flame should be blue in color with traces of orange at the outer edge. The top 3/8" (10 mm) at the pilot thermocouple should be engulfed in the pilot flame (NG only). Replace logs if removed for pilot inspection. To light the burner; rotate the gas valve control knob counterclockwise to the “ON” position. Step 14. Installing the Hood Assembly – Attach the hood assembly over the firebox opening with three (3) screws. Step 15. Installing the Screen Assembly – Position the screen assembly in front of the firebox opening, with the joint in the gasket down (Figure 18). Locate the three (3) tabs at the bottom edge of the frame into the three (3) brackets at the base of the fireplace front opening. Lean the frame back towards the fireplace. Install the three (3) 1/4"-20 x 1" Phillips pan head screws re...

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