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Instructions Williams, Modèle 4228

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All this without the expense of a chimney. 25,000 Btu/hr Deluxe Vent- ► Free Firebox Build-in or frame-up one of our space-saving vent-free fireplace models to enrich your home. Vent-free fireboxes can be enhanced with your own mantel. Vent-Free Fireplace Logs A With our Williams’ vent free fireplace log set, the exclusive cross-lighter design maintains full yellow flame even on low setting. Design Features □ No electricity or venting required □ "Matchless” pilot igniter □ Easy installation □ Eliminates costly firewood □ Natural and propane gas models □ 99.9% heat efficient -keeps all the heat in the room □ Fireplace includes natural-looking, axe-split log sets Vent-Free Fireboxes & Fireplace Logs VENT-FREE FIREBOXES Model Number Description Screen Opening Width Dimensions Shipping Weight Width Height Depth 4226 38” Deluxe Heat Circulating 38” 405/8” 383/4” 211/2” 158 lbs. 4227 43” Deluxe Heat Circulating 423/4” 453/8” 383/4” 211/2” 178 lbs. VENT-FREE FIREPLACE LOGS Model Number Natural Propane Btu/hr Input High Setting Natural Propane Low Setting Natural Propane Heat Settings Log Size No. Burners No Logs Shipping Weight 2100542 2100541 21,000 21,000 15,750 15,750 MANUAL HIGH-LOW 21” 29 lbs. 2500542 25,000 16,250 BUILT-IN THERMOSTAT 18” 31 lbs. 3200542 32,000 17,000 MANUAL HIGH-LOW 24 30 lbs. Minimum Fireplace Dimensions For Vent-Free Fireplace Logs are 14” depth and 16” height. Width requirements by model are: (2100 and 3200 Series, 26” front/22” rear). FREESTANDING AND VENT-FREE FIREPLACES* Model Number Natural Propane Btu/hr Input Natural Propane Heat Settings Efficiency % Dimensions H x W x D Fireplace Shipping Weight 2506542.10 25,000 High-Low 99.9 29” x 237/8” x161/4” Freestanding (Ivory) 99 lbs. 2506542.8 2506541.8 25,000 25,000 High-Low 99.9 383/4” x 357/8” x16” Vent-Free 90 lbs. *All units include 4-log set. Features Vent-Free Fireboxes Williams’ full-size vent-free fireboxes are designed specifically for Williams’ vent-free fireplace logs. Our vent-free fireboxes feature l arge brick refractories for a genuine masonry look. A right-side knockout provides convenient gas line access. Each firebox comes with a black, luster-finished heat deflection canopy. An optional polished brass trim kit is available for deluxe models. Firebox is shipped ready to install. No other gas log sets are to be installed in these fireboxes. Vent-Free Fireplace Logs Two-Burner Design Includes: Four Logs, Lava Rock, and a Placement Grate with a Two-Burner Design. On the low heat setting, the dancing rear flame provides both heat and a view of the flames. The high heat setting turns on the front burner so the glowing, charred wood embers are visible and additional heat is radiated into the room. With thermostat models, both flames are on for all settings. Single-Burner Design Includes: Four Logs, Lava Rock, and a Placement Grate with a Single Burner. Williams...

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