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Instructions STA-RITE, Modèle SR333NA

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Electrical power circuits to the pool heater must follow local codes and National Electrical Code or Canadian Electrical Code (as applicable). All wiring between the heater and devices not attached to it, or between separate devices which are field installed and located, shall conform to the specifications of Type T wire (35°C rise). All line voltage wiring shall be enclosed in approved flexible conduit, and shall be securely attached to the field wiring box located inside the jacket. The conduit or cable connector at the field wiring box should contain an insulating bushing or its equivalent to prevent abrasion of the wires as they enter the box. The filter pump should run continuously when the heater is on, and for at least 15 minutes after the heater is off. Any switches in the pump circuit (including circuit breakers) that can disconnect the pump must also disconnect the heater. 7. Do not wire single pole switches, including protective devices, into a grounded line. Observe hot/neutral polarity when connecting power to the heater. 20 Connect the L1 of the power supply to the black wire, the L2 or neutral lead to the red wire, and the ground wire to the green wire (See Figure 23). A time clock controlling the filter pump should have a lowvoltage Fireman’s Switch that switches off the heater at least 15 minutes before shutting off the pump. FIREMAN’S SWITCH CONNECTION NOTICE: If, while there is line voltage connected to the heater, you touch either line voltage terminal with any 24VAC wire that is connected to the control board (including the Fireman’s Switch jumper), you will immediately destroy the control board and void the warranty. NOTICE: When using a timer and Fireman’s Switch, the heater’s power supply should come from the load side of the timer. The Fireman’s Switch completes the circuit for the low voltage safety switches. It DOES NOT get any line voltage power from the power supply. Connect the Fireman’s switch to the heater as follows: 1. Turn off power to heater at main circuit breaker panel. 2. Unbolt and remove the upper jacket halves (see Figure 3, Page 5). 3. Open control box cover (see Figure 24). 4. Remove the factory-installed jumper between the Fireman’s Switch terminals (see Figure 25). 5. Connect the wires between the Fireman’s Switch terminals on the heater and those on the time clock using 18 gauge wire with a minimum 3/64” (1.2mm) thick insulation rated for a temperature rise of at least 105°C. Route the wires out through the knockout on the bottom of the Control Box. Use a 90° conduit el and conduit run out through the cutout on the Lower Enclosure, next to the Junction Box (see Figure 23). 21 Wire into bottom of Junction-box in Flexible Conduit Wiring Harness to Control Box 120/240V: Black to Black (L1) 120V: White to Red (L2) or 240V: Red to Red (L2) Green (Ground) to Green (Ground) Bonding Wire Bonding Wire Bonding Lug View From Below (Exterior) View From Above (Interior) Cutout for Conduit from Fireman's Switch PRESS TAB VENT PILOT OFFOFF ONON GND L1 GROUND (GND) L2 JUNCTION BOX L1 L2 BM FL F1 L1 TRANS FIREMANS SWITCH Fireman’s Switch Completes the heater 24 Volt AC Control Board Circuit. DO NOT connect this circuit to Line Voltage! Y Y R W G Y Y TERMINAL BOARD TRANS TRANS FUSE FUSE L2 Time Clock or Remote (Purchase Separately — Supplies Power to Circulator Pump) 24VAC 24VAC BK O O BK W R BK R W 12 Pin Receptacle VAL TH IND GND 24VAC 24VAC FS THERMISTOR OPERATING CONTROL DISABLE TOGGLE ENABLE TOGGLE CONTROL CENTER SPA CONTROL VERSION 1 PAD MEMBRANE PAD CONNECTION 9 1 J6 FIGURE 24: Open Control Box Cover FIGURE 25: Fireman’s Switch Connections FIGURE 23: Field Wiring 6. Reinstall and bolt up the jacket halves. The fuse for the Fireman’s Switch is a 1.25 amp 1-1/4x1/4” fast blow fuse, available locally. MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE SET POINT 1. Unbolt and remove upper jacket halves (see Figure 3, Page 5). 2. Depress clips and remove control panel board dome (see Figure 9, Page 10). 3. Push the Max. Temp. Set Point button on the back of the control board (see Figure 26). The following sequence should happen: S1SETMAX S1SETMAX FIGURE 26: Max Temperature Set Point Controls A. The unit will come on and the POOL ON light will come on. B. Press the ЎTemp or ^Temp pad (on TOP of the panel) to set maximum pool temperature. C. Wait 30 seconds; the POOL ON light will go off and the SPA ON light will come on. D.Press the ЎTemp or ^Temp pad (on TOP of the panel) to set maximum spa temperature (set temperature to 104°F (40°C) or less). E. Wait 30 seconds; the SPA ON light will go off and the unit will shut down. 4. Reinstall and bolt up the jacket halves. Initial Troubleshooting Only qualified, trained service technicians with appropriate test equipment should service the heater. Remember that all parts of the system affect heater operation. Before starting this troubleshooting procedure, make sure that the pump is running correctly, that there are no blockages in the system, that the valves are co...

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