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Instructions Briggs & Stratton, Modèle W/K60

Fabricant : Briggs & Stratton
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There are no user serviceable parts in this equipment. All installation and service to this equipment should be performed by qualified licensed personnel. Do not exceed 30 minutes in a steambath. Excessive exposure can be harmful to your health. Excessive exposure can produce a rapid pulse, light-headedness, weakness or fainting. If you become uncomfortable or experience any of the above conditions exit the steambath immediately. Steambaths can put stress on the body. Therefore a steambath should be used only under a doctor's direction if you: Are pregnant Have a heart condition Have high blood pressure Have circulatory problems Are under the influence of alcohol Are under the influence of drugs Have diabetes Are under the care of a physician Are in generally poor health Children should only use the steambath under close adult supervision. Scald Hazard: Do Not Touch the steam head or trim during operation as they are HOT. Stay at least 12 inches away from the hot steam escaping from the steam head. Be careful when entering a steambath. Escaping steam from an overheated steam room may cause injury. AK Series w/K60 Control Owners Manual page 2 SECTION 1A: STEAM GENERATOR OVERVIEW The standard K60 model steam generator control the steam room and an optional secondary steam'' feature automatically engages cutting features an adjustable 60 minute time and tem-control is available to mount in an alternate steam production back to a single element to perature control with digital display. The actual location. The temperature can be adjusted in a provide softer billowing steam during more of room temperature and time remaining are alter-range between 100 degrees and 125 degrees the steam bath. If the steam room temperature nately displayed every 5 seconds. The primary Fahrenheit with an initial default of 120 degrees. drops more than 5 degrees both elements will control can be mounted either inside or outside Once the set temperature is reached the ''soft automatically engage. SECTION 1B: STEAM GENERATOR OVERVIEW - CELSIUS AND 24 HOUR OPTIONS As an option your K60 control can be ordered with a Celsius and/or 24 hour timer in place of the Fahrenheit and 60 minute standard. The Celsius option's adjustable temperature range is between 38 degrees and 52 degrees Celsius, with an initial default of 49 degrees. The 24 hour timer option is adjustable in 1 hour increments from 1 to 24 hours. Other features of the K60 control should operate as described in section 2 below with the above noted exceptions. SECTION 2: OPERATION OF YOUR K60 CONTROL 1. Be sure the power circuit and water supply to 4. To change the time setting press and hold the from the prior setting to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. the generator are on. TIME button on the control. Continuing to hold At 125 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature set- the button will cause the time to increase in 5 ting will decrease in 1 degree increment to the 2. Press the ON/OFF button on the control until minute increments f...

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