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Instructions Philips, Modèle HQ282/16

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However we advise you to ensure that the battery is separated from the normal household refuse and disposed of at an officially assigned place when discarding your appliance in due course. Please refer to section “Protecting the environment”. Switching on/off The locking knob prevents the shaver from being switched on accidentally. - Keeping the locking knob depressed, slide the switch upwards/ downwards (fig. 3). Charging • Charge the shaver at temperatures between 5 °C and 35 °C (41 °F and 95 °F). This guarantees maximum life of the rechargeable battery. - Ensure that the shaver is switched off. - Insert the small plug firmly into the shaver. (Note the indication mark. Fig. 4.) Then insert the mains plug into the wall socket. Mains voltages: 100 - 240 Volts. (The shaver adjusts automatically.) - The green pilot light comes on (fig. 5). After charging for one hour the rechargeable battery is full. The green light stays on all the time the shaver is connected for charging. If the green light does not come on, first check the output of the wall socket. You may leave the shaver connected to the mains longer. However, charging permanently may shorten the life of the rechargeable battery. Shaving when the battery is empty • Connect to a wall socket - Switch off. - Connect the shaver to a wall socket. - Wait a few seconds. - Switch on. • Quick charge for one shave - Charge the shaver for 5 minutes. This is sufficient for one shave. Shaving • Move the shaving unit quickly over the skin. • Best results are obtained if the skin is dry. Preferably shave before or some time after washing. • If required apply a pre-shave lotion. This can be particularly helpful if the climate is warm and humid. • Shave against the direction of the hair growth also, stretching the skin with your free hand to bring the hairs into an upright position. Trimmer • Switch the trimmer on by moving the switch upwards (fig. 6). The trimmer can be engaged whilst the motor is running. • The trimmer has been especially designed for grooming sideburns, moustache and beard (fig. 7). The trimmer is not required for long hairs in the neck area; these hairs can easily be shaved off with the shaving unit. • After each use: switch off and clean the trimmer using the brush. Every six months: apply two drops of light machine oil to the teeth of the trimmer (fig. 8). Cleaning • Switch off before cleaning. • Handle the shaving heads carefully to avoid causing damage. • Clean regularly, because: this guarantees good performance; this has a positive influence on the available shaving time when used cordless. Once per week: shaving slots and hair chamber. (See fig. 9-12.) - Use the short bristled brush to clean the shaving head slots (fig. 9). - To remove the shaving unit depress the retaining button (1) and lift the shaving unit from the shaver (2) (fig. 10). - Remove hairs from the chamber and shaving unit using the long bristled brush (fig. 11 and 12). Once per 3 months: shaving slots, hair chamber and shaving unit (guards and cutters). (With oily skin or when using pre-shave lotion: once per month) • First follow the directions corresponding to fig. 9-12. Then proceed with the directions corresponding to fig. 13-22. - Release (1) and remove the holder (2) from the shaving unit (fig. 13). - Slide one shaving head (guard and cutter) from the holder (fig. 14). Remove only one shaving head (guard and cutter) at a time for cleaning to ensure that the cutters and guards do not become mixed. Each cutter has been ground together with the guard. If the guards and cutters are mixed, it may take some weeks before optimal shaving performance is restored. If the shaving performance has become noticeably less after cleaning, change only the cutters over. - Clean the cutter using the short bristled brush (fig. 16). - If you have a very dry skin, or if degreasing liquid (e.g. alcohol) has been used to clean the shaving heads, lubricate them with one drop of light machine oil (fig. 18 and 22). As an alternative to using light machine oil for lubrication you may use the specially formulated Philishave cleaner/lubricant type 389 SHC/1 available from authorised Philips dealers and Philips Service Centres. Replacement shaving heads Use only Philishave replacement heads type HQ 2 when replacing worn or damaged shaving heads. Protecting the environment Remove the rechargeable battery when eventually discarding your shaver (See fig. 23-26.) Please note: You can also take the appliance to a Philips Service Centre. The staff will be happy to help you. - First disconnect from the mains supply (fig. 23). - Before removing the battery should be completely empty. - Let the appliance run until the motor stops. - Use a small screwdriver (blade width approx. 3 mm) or a Torx T-8 type screwdriver. (fig. 24). - The battery may be recognized by the print NIMH (fig. 25-26). Do not connect the appliance to the mains supply after the battery has been removed. HQ 282 282 rechargeable and mains Eng...

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