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Instructions Wolf Appliance Company, Modèle WKGHD ML-767589

Fabricant : Wolf Appliance Company
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Count-up of hold time does not begin until cavity temperature reaches the hold temperature. Time Display Colon 1. Is flashing if product is timing. 2. Is not flashing if product is not being timed. Time Button — Press to set cooking cycle time. Time Button Light — Is lit when the Time Button is pressed. Timer Knob — Sets the cook time when not already timing and the Cook Time indicator is lit. – 11 – Gentle Bake Button Selects the gentle bake time setting. A roast time must first be set. The gentle bake time can then be set at the roast time value or less. The gentle bake time will be the portion of roast time to operate in the gentle bake mode. Gentle bake mode will start first. When gentle bake time has lapsed, the remainder of the roast time will be in the non-gentle bake mode. Use Gentle Bake when cooking delicate product, such as strudel, muffins, cupcakes, meringue pies, etc., to keep product from forming waves on the top. Use the Gentle Bake Button to switch between the selection of gentle bake mode and no gentle bake mode time setting. A gentle bake mode time of zero means no gentle bake mode will occur. The light in the Gentle Bake Button is lit during gentle bake mode. Gentle Bake Mode 1. The fan cycles (45 seconds ON and 45 seconds OFF) throughout the gentle bake mode. 2. The fan stays on while the heat cycles in hold mode. 3. The fan stays on while heat cycles at 100% power when not timing. 4. Can be switched at any time. Stop / Start Button 1. Initiates timing a product in the mode selected if a cook time has been set. 2. Stops timing of a product if a timing sequence has already started. Hold Button — Selects Hold mode. 1. Allows selection of hold temperature. 2. Temperature indication of ---°F (---°C) indicates no hold mode. Hold Button Light — Is lit when in the Hold mode. 1. When not timing, allows setting/enabling a hold mode setting of ---°F (---°C), meaning no hold will take effect. 2. Any other temperature means that when the actual cook time has ended, the oven will enter the Hold mode and use the hold temperature. On / Off / Oven Cool Switch 1. ON turns oven control circuits on. 2. OFF turns oven control circuits off. 3. OVEN COOL allows the fan motor to run with the doors ajar to speed oven cooling. Gas Valve — When ON, allows gas to flow to the ignition system. LIGHTING THE WKGHC OVEN 1. Turn the manual gas valve ON. 2. Push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch ON and set the THERMOSTAT to its maximum setting. The HEAT light should come on. If the HEAT light is not on, make sure the door is closed. 3. If the oven fails to light, push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch OFF. Wait 5 minutes before trying to relight the oven. – 12 – BEFORE FIRST USE Before using the oven for the first time, it must be "burned in" to release any odors that might result from heating the new surfaces in the chamber. 1. Using a clean damp cloth, wipe the inside of the oven, including the racks. 2. Close the oven doors, push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch ON, turn the THERMOSTAT to 300°F (149°C) and allow the oven to cycle for 6 to 8 hours before turning the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch OFF. USING THE WKGHC OVEN Preheating 1. Close oven doors. Push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch ON. The HEAT light will come on, indicating that power to the oven is on. 2. Set the THERMOSTAT as desired. Refer to SUGGESTED COOKING GUIDELINES for temperatures and times. 3. Prepare product and place in suitable pans. When the READY light comes on, the oven has reached the desired preheat temperature. Cooking 1. Open the door and load the product into the oven. Place pans in the center of the racks. Close the door. 2. Set ROAST temperature and time. Set HOLD temperature and GENTLE BAKE time, if desired. GENTLE BAKE time cannot be more than ROAST time. GENTLE BAKE will cycle the fan during the set time at the beginning of the cooking cycle. 3. Press the START / STOP button to start the cooking cycle. 4. At the end of the cooking cycle, the buzzer will sound continuously if the HOLD mode is OFF. If the HOLD mode is ON, there will be a short beep at the beginning of Second Stage Cooking (oven temperature will begin to decline to the HOLD temperature), and a long beep (20 seconds) at the end of the cooking cycle. Refer to ROAST AND HOLD OPERATION. 5. When product is done, open doors and carefully remove cooked product from the oven. Wipe up any spills. End of Day 1. Push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch to OVEN COOL. Leave the door ajar while the fan is on to cool the oven. 2. When the oven has cooled sufficiently, push the ON / OFF / OVEN COOL switch OFF and clean the oven. ERROR MESSAGES — WKGHC OVEN E-01 High limit error. Contact Wolf Range authorized service. E-02 Low limit error. Contact Wolf Range authorized service. E-03 High ambient temperature, 215°F (102°C). Contact Wolf Range authorized service. E-04 Low ambient temperature, 32°F (0°C). Let control warm up after cold storage. E-05 Ignition failure. After trying ignition three times...

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