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Instructions Sony, Modèle DSC-T50

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Facilité d'utilisation

[Playback]: Images stored in the internal memory are played back. [Menu, Setup, etc.]: Various functions can be performed on images in the internal memory. On image data stored in the internal memory We recommend that you copy (back up) data without error using one of the following methods. To copy (back up) data on a “Memory Stick Duo” Prepare a “Memory Stick Duo” with a capacity of 64 MB or more, then perform the procedure explained in [Copy] (page 65). To copy (back up) data on a hard disk of your computer Perform the procedure on pages 76 to 79 without a “Memory Stick Duo” inserted in the camera. • You cannot copy image data on a “Memory Stick Duo” to the internal memory. • By connecting the camera and a computer with a cable for multi-use terminal, you can copy data stored in the internal memory to a computer. However you cannot copy data on a computer to the internal memory. Basic Operations Operate the touch panel Basic Operations Operate the touch panel Mode switch Basic Operations (on-screen key) button Touch panel 1 Press (on-screen key) to display the touch panel buttons. • Skip this step when the mode switch is set to . OFF AUTO AUTO OFF MENU 2M 2 Touch the buttons on the screen lightly with your finger. • To turn off the touch panel buttons, press (on-screen key). OFF AUTO AUTO OFF MENU 2M On the touch panel buttons • When the item you want to set is not on the screen, touch v/V to change the page. • You can return to the previous screen by touching . Image Size 9pic 7M 7M 3:2 3:2 5M 5M 3M 3M • To operate the touch panel, press it lightly with your finger or the supplied paint pen. • Do not press the touch panel with any pointed object other than the supplied paint pen. • Do not press against the LCD screen more than necessary. 19 Operate the touch panel To switch images by sliding your finger You can slide your finger on the screen during playback to switch still images or fast-forward/ reverse a movie. To use this feature, turn off the touch panel buttons by pressing the (onscreen key) button. Still images • The image switches when you release your finger. 2M 3/9 101-0012 2006 1 1 30 60min BACK NEXT Previous image Next image Movies 3/9 101-0012 2006 1 1 9:30 00:00:00 STD 64060min BACK NEXTPLAY • Touch the screen to start playback. • Slide your finger to the right or left to fast-forward or reverse a movie. • Touch again during playback to pause. Playback zoom 1.3MOVE • As you slide your finger up, down, left, or right, the larger-than-screen zoomed image is shifted and the portion of the image that is not displayed is dragged into the screen viewing area. • When viewing recorded images on a TV (page 71), you cannot switch the images by sliding your finger. • When viewing images taken in Multi Burst mode, touch the screen to pause the display. Slide your finger to the right or left during pause to forward or reverse the images one frame at a time. Shooting images easily (Auto adjustment mode) The procedure for starting to shoot images using the default settings is given below. Mode switch Shutter button (STEADY SHOT) button Touch panel Zoom button (on-screen key) button 1 Select a mode with the mode switch. Still image (auto adjustment mode): Select . Movie: Select . 2 Hold the camera steady, keeping your arm at your side. Position the subject in the center of the focus frame. 3 Shoot with the shutter button. Still image: 1Press and hold the shutter button halfway down to focus. The z (AE/AF lock) indicator (green) flashes, a beep sounds, the indicator stops flashing and remains lit. Basic Operations Shooting images easily (Auto adjustment mode) 2Press the shutter button fully down. AE/AF lock indicator Movie: Press the shutter button fully down. To stop recording, press the shutter button fully down again. If you shoot a still image of a subject that is difficult to focus on • The shortest shooting distance is approx. 50 cm (19 3/4 inches). Shoot in the close-up (Macro) mode or Magnifying Glass mode (page 24) when you shoot a subject closer than the shooting distance. • When the camera cannot focus on the subject automatically, the AE/AF lock indicator changes to flashing slowly and the beep does not sound. Recompose the shot and focus again. Subjects difficult to focus on are: – Distant from the camera and dark – The contrast between the subject and its background is poor. – Seen through glass – Moving fast – Reflective light or with a lustrous finish –Flashing –Backlit W/T Using the zoom Press the zoom button. • When the zoom scale exceeds 3., the camera uses the Digital Zoom function. For details on the [Digital Zoom] settings and the image quality, see page 59. • The camera zooms slowly while shooting a movie. Anti-blur function The anti-blur function is always activated when (Camera) is set to [Auto]. To confirm that the anti-blur function is activated, press the shutter button halfway down and look for a (STEADY SHOT) icon on the screen. Other than [Auto] adjustment mode: Press the (STE...

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