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Instructions Sony, Modèle HVL-F32X

Fabricant : Sony
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5 Attach the connection cord to the connection cord terminal of this unit. 6 Fit the shoe adaptor onto the digital still camera and securely tighten 1 in the direction of the arrow. PNote Removing or attaching this unit to a digital still camera while the power is ON, or disconnecting the connection cord while the power is ON can cause the flash to fire erroneously. 14-GB Using the flash This digital still camera with an advanced accessory shoe is used here for illustration purposes. Refer to the operating instructions of the digital still camera for each detailed operation. 1 Press the POWER switch on the digital still camera to turn “ON”. 2 Set the mode dial on the digital still camera to “ ”, “P”, “S”, “A”, “M”, or “SCN”. 15-GB Using the flash (continued) 3 Press the control button on the digital still camera to choose “Flash mode”. Each press of the button changes the indication in the following order. No display (AUTO) t Forced flash ( ) t Slow synchro ( ) t No flash ( ) * Be sure that “Hot Shoe” is set to [OFF] in the “SET UP” settings. 4 Slide the POWER switch on this unit to “ON”. • The flash starts to be charged, and the READY lamp and /CHG lamp on the digital still camera start to flash (orange). • When the flash is ready to fire, the READY lamp on this unit lights (orange). When the charging is finished, the /CHG lamp on the digital still camera goes out. • When the batteries are run down, it takes longer to charge this unit. 5 The flash mode of the digital still camera compatible with the advanced accessory shoe can be changed in the following order by the mode button on this unit. / / mode photography This unit performs a pre-flash, the disital still camera calculates the ideal light intensity, and make this unit flash. 16-GB mode photography mode photography This unit automatically adjusts the light intensity and fires with the ideal light intensity. mode photography The mode in which the user can set the light intensity. The light intensity can be selected using the “light intensity change button” on this unit by the following procedure. 1/1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 GN32 (22) GN22 (16) GN16 (11) GN11 (8) GN8 (6) GN6 (4) * Values within brackets ( ) applies when using the wide panel • To obtain the shooting distance 1 Press the mode button and select 2 Set the guide number by changing the light intensity. 3 The distance is obtained from the aperture (F-value) of the digital still camera (use in the manual mode). . Distance = Guide Number . Aperture setting (F) 17-GB Using the flash (continued) • To obtain the guide number 1 Press the mode button and select . 2 Set the aperture on the digital still camera. 3 From the formula for distance and aperture obtain the optimum guide number, and select it using the light intensity change button. Guide Number = Aperture setting (F) . Distance For Guide Numbers, refer to “Specifications”. (p. 30) PNote Do not close the light exposure meter or the ideal light intensity will not be obtained. 6 AF illuminator PNote Do not bring the AF illuminator close to person’s eyes, and flash. To select the AF illuminator If the digital still camera is compatible with an external AF illuminator then is displayed. • The user can select “normal,” “strong” and “OFF” normal strong OFF 18-GB The disital still camera is compatible with the AF illuminator, and allow of using it. t t No display The disital still camera is compatible with the AF illuminator, but prohibit using it. No display t t Slow flashing Slow flashing The digital still camera is not compatible with the AF illuminator. No display t Fast flashing It turns off after about 2 seconds. 7 Lightly press the digital still camera shutter button to confirm the image. Then press the shutter button further. This unit fires in conjunction with the shutter button. 19-GB Meaning of READY lamp states When it light (orange) Flash is ready for firing. When it flashes (orange) Flash is charging. Firing is not possible. When it flashes (red) The batteries are run down. Replace with new batteries. (Charging takes longer if the flash has not been used for a long time.) When the READY does not light The flashing is prohibited. (When the digital still camera excepts the shooting mode.) 20-GB Bounce flash photography Enable to shoot in all flash modes. If there is a wall or similar object behind the subject, fire the flashing section pointed at a white ceiling or wall to light the subject using reflected light. As the reflected light spreads in and around the subject over a wide area to light the subject, you can create softer images with fewer shadows on the subject and wall. Bounce flash on Bounce flash off 1 Decide on the angle of the flashing section so that the angle of incidence and reflecting angle on the reflecting surface are equal. The shooting distance means the total distance obtained by adding the distance from the flashing section to the reflecting surface to the distance from the reflecting surface to the subject. Angle o...

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