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Instructions Havis-Shields, Modèle WGI-D23-1 & 6

Fabricant : Havis-Shields
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They will need to be installed first. 'üïïiïïKîï; ^ ‘ïï!ïîïrÂ4 и»4 * WGI-D23-INST-10-06 INSTALL WINDOW GUARDS • Loosely attach upper mounting bracket to window guard using H” x /” tamper proof screws and flat washers. (This step may already be done during shipping) • Position screen to vehicle as shown in photo #2. • Make sure you have the window guard centered on the door. • Mark, drill 1/8” holes, and attach lower mount using #10 x /” screws as shown in photo #3. Note: Be sure the upper mounting brackets go under weather stripping and the notches go around the mounting plugs. Make sure the mounting holes will have metal material to drill into. • Press firmly against window guard and mark door where the upper mounting brackets are located • Drill 5/32” holes and mount to door using #10 x %” sheet metal screws. Mount upper bracket using #10 x %” screws Consolidator* * Kwik-Raze" • Collins Dynamics' • Kwik-Kit™ PrisonerTransports • K-9Transports 75 Jacksonville Rd • P.O. Box 2099 • Warminster, PA 18974 • 800.524.9900 / 215.957.0720(P) • 215.957.0729 (F) Havis. com WGI-D23-INST-10-06...

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