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Instructions Sony, Modèle ICD-SX57

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Folder name/Message name/Artist name indication . Remaining battery/Charging indicator When dry batteries are used, the indicator shows the remaining battery power. While charging the rechargeable batteries an animation appears. . Selected message number/Total number of messages in the folder . Priority marks Appear(s) when a message is set with priority mark(s). . Bookmark indicator Appears when a bookmark is set for a message. . Alarm indicator Appears when the alarm is set for a message. . Sound effect indicator Displays the EFFECT setting in the menu. BA1 : The bass sound is reinforced. BA2 : The bass sound is further reinforced. . Recording mode indicator Displays the recording mode set using the menu when the IC recorder is in the stop mode, and displays the current recording mode when the IC recorder is in the playback mode. STHQ : Standard play stereo recording mode with high quality sound ST : Standard play stereo recording mode STLP : Long play stereo recording mode SP : Standard play monaural recording mode LP : Long play monaural recording mode MP3 : MP3 mode (during playback only) . Microphone sensitivity indicator Displays the current microphone sensitivity. (high) : To record at a meeting or in a quiet/spacious place. (low) : To record for dictation or in a noisy place. MAN (manual) : To record with microphone sensitivity set manually. . Remaining recording time indication Display during recording . Operation mode indicator Displays the following, depending on the current operation of the IC recorder. : recording : recording standby/recording pause : recording with the VOR function : recording pause with the VOR function . Recording level meter . Microphone sensitivity indicator Displays the current microphone sensitivity when recording with AGC (Automatic Gain Control). (high) : To record at a meeting or in a quiet/spacious place. (low) : To record for dictation or in a noisy place. Displays the recording level during manual recording. . Elapsed recording time indication . Alarm indicator . Recording mode indicator Displays the recording mode (STHQ, ST, STLP, SP, and LP) set in the menu. . LIM (limiter) indicator Displays the LIMITER setting in the menu. When “REC LEVEL” is set to “AUTO- AGC,” “---” is displayed. . Remaining recording time indication . Remaining battery/Charging indicator . LCF (Low Cut Filter) indicator Displays the LCF setting in the menu. Getting Started 13GB Getting Started Step 1: Preparing a Power Source Charging the batteries To use the supplied Digital Voice Editor software, it is recommended that you install the software before step 3. 1 Slide and lift the battery compartment lid. 2 Insert two rechargeable batteries with correct polarity, and close the lid. 3 Charge the batteries by connecting the USB connector of the IC recorder to your computer. USB connecting cable (supplied) While the batteries are charging, “CONNECTING” and the battery indicator are displayed in an animation. When the battery indicator indicates “,” charging is completed. (Charging time: approx. 4 hours*) When you use the IC recorder for the first time, or after you have not used the IC recorder for a certain time, it is recommended that you charge the batteries repeatedly until “” is displayed. 14GB If the battery indicator is not displayed, charging has not been done properly. Proceed from step 1 again. * This is an approximation for the time it takes to charge from no remaining battery power to full battery power at room temperature. It varies depending on the remaining power and the condition of the batteries. It also takes more time if the temperature of the batteries is low, or if the batteries are changed while you are transferring data to the IC recorder. When using fully charged batteries or LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries Follow the steps 1 and 2. Tip You can charge the rechargeable batteries by connecting the IC recorder to an AC outlet using a USB AC adaptor (not supplied) (page 82). Notes While “” or “” is being displayed instead of the remaining battery/charging indicator, you cannot charge the batteries. Charge the batteries in an environment with a temperature of 5 °C – 35 °C. If “USB CHARGE” in the menu “DETAIL MENU” is set to “OFF,” you cannot charge the batteries using your computer. Set “USB CHARGE” to “ON” (page 57). Do not use manganese batteries for this IC recorder. Clock setting display appears when you insert batteries for the first time, or when you insert batteries after the IC recorder has been without batteries for a certain period of time. Please refer to step 4 in “Step 2: Setting the Clock” on page 17 to set the date and time. When charging/replacing the batteries The battery indicator on the display window shows the battery condition. Battery remain indication : Charge both batteries or replace the old batteries with new ones. . : “LOW BATTERY“ appears and the IC recorder will stop operation. Battery life*1 When using Sony NH-AAA rechargeable batteries Recor...

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