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Instructions Sony, Modèle ICD-B300

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Maximum recording time The maximum recording time of all the folders is as follows. You can record messages for the maximum recording time in a single folder. HQ* 7 h. 30 min. SP** 20 h. 5 min. LP*** 37 h. 5 min. (h.: hours/min.: minutes) * HQ: High quality recording mode (monaural sound) ** SP: Standard play recording mode (monaural sound) ***LP: Long play recording mode (monaural sound) Notes • To record in better sound quality, select the HQ mode. For switching the recording mode, see “Changing the Recording Mode” on the reverse side. • Before making a long recording, be sure to check the battery indicator. • The maximum recording time and the number of messages you can make vary depending on the conditions of use. • When you record messages in the mixture of HQ, SP and LP mode, the maximum recording time will be between those for the HQ and LP modes. • Due to the limitation of the IC recording system, this unit records in the minimum recording unit of approx. 2 seconds at most, therefore the following symptoms may occur: – When a message is shorter than the minimum recording unit, it is still counted as approx. 2 seconds at most so the remaining recording time will decrease by more than the actual length of the message. – When the message is longer than the minimum recording unit, the remaining recording time will decrease by more than the actual length of the message if it cannot be divided by the minimum recording unit without a remainder. – The sum of the number on the counter (elapsed recording time) and the remaining recording time may be less than the unit’s maximum recording time. Remaining memory indication During recording, the remaining memory indicator decreases one by one. The memory is nearly full. Flashing When the remaining time of recording reaches 5 minutes, the last one of the indication flashes. If the remaining recording time display mode is selected, “REMAIN” and the counter display flash when the remaining time reaches 1 minute. To continue recording, first erase some of the messages. Notes • If you press zXREC/PAUSE when the memory is full, “FULL” will flash with an alarm sound. Erase some of the messages before you start recording again. • If you press zXREC/PAUSE after you have recorded 99 messages, “FULL” will flash with an alarm sound. Select another folder or erase some of the messages. Starting recording automatically in response to the sound — Advanced VOR function When VOR (voice operated recording) is set to ON in the menu, recording starts when the recorder detects sound. (“VOR” is displayed in the display window.) Recording stops when no sound is heard. (“VOR PAUSE” flashes in the display window.) Note VOR function is affected by the sound around you. Set the microphone sensitivity to “H (high)” or “L (low)” using the menu. If recording is not satisfactory after you have changed the microphone sensitivity, or for important recording, set VOR to OFF. Playing Back Messages BGetting started Troubleshooting Before taking the unit for repair, check the following sections. Should any problem persist after you have made these checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer. The unit does not operate. • The batteries have been inserted with incorrect polarity. • The batteries are weak. • The buttons are locked with the HOLD switch. (If you press any button, “HOLD” will flash for 3 seconds.) No sound comes from the speaker. • The ear receiver or headphones are plugged in. • The volume is turned down completely. “FULL” is displayed and you cannot start recording. • The memory is full. Erase some of the messages. • 99 messages have been recorded in the selected folder. Select another folder or erase some of the messages. Noise is heard. • An object, such as your finger, etc., accidentally rubbed or scratched the unit during recording so that noise was recorded. • The unit was placed near an AC power source, a fluorescent lamp or a mobile phone during recording or playback. • Plug of the connected microphone was dirty when recording. Clean the plug. • Ear receiver/headphones plug is dirty. Clean the plug. Recording level is low. • Set the microphone sensitivity to “H (high)” using the menu. Recording is interrupted. • The advanced VOR function is activated. Set VOR to “OFF”. Recording level is unstable (when recording music, etc.). • This unit is designed to automatically adjust the recording level when recording meetings, etc., and is not suitable for music recording. “--Y--M--D” or “--:--” is displayed. • You have not set the clock. “--Y--M--D” or “--:--” is displayed on the REC DATE display. • The date and time of recording will not be displayed if you recorded the message when the clock was not set. You cannot divide a message. • You cannot divide a message in a folder which has 99 messages. • If you divide messages frequently, the unit may become unable to divide a message. • You cannot divide a message in the first or the last 1 second of a message. It takes longer for the unit to s...

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