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Instructions Interact-TV, Modèle 44028

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A new set of wings can be purchased by contacting Interactive Toy Concepts listed above. To replace the wings, do the following: 1. Make sure the Duck and the Shooter are turned off. 2. Gently remove the far corner of the wing that is tethered to the body by a ball joint. 3. The leading (front) edge of the wing is a thin carbon fiber rod. Gently pull this rod out of the gear box mechanism housing at the front. 4. Installation of the new wing is the reverse of the wing removal procedure with the following minor difference. 5. The carbon fiber rod has a slight notch cut into its end so that it will only fit properly into gear box mechanism housing one way. Use caution when inserting the carbon fiber rod. If it is not going in smoothly, it is misaligned. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Do not modify your iFly DUCK HUNTER. Do not use in strong winds, use only in VERY mild conditions! Do not use in rain, snow or around heavy debris! Do not use near electrical lines! Do not use around smoke or flames! Do not use around water! Do not use around electricity! Do not use in crowded areas! Do not use around air conditioning! Do not use around air vents! Do not use around ceiling fans! Do not use around large obstacles! Do not use in very small spaces! Do be conscious of changes in your area! Any changes or modifications to this product are strictly prohibited and will void product warranty. Keep moving wings away from eyes, hands, hair and loose clothing. Always turn off your iFly DUCK HUNTER and Infra-red Shooter when not in use. Always remove batteries from Infra-red Shooter during storage. Always replace Infra-red Shooter with NEW alkaline batteries for optimal performance. Keep your instruction manual in a safe place for future use. Only use the provided Infra-red Shooter included with the iFly DUCK HUNTER to charge the lithium polymer battery installed in the iFly DUCK HUNTER. Limited 30-day warranty Product is warranted by Interactive Toy Concepts Limited against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use Proof of Purchase for (30) days from the date of purchase. Warranty is validated upon receipt of proof or purchaseand confirmation of UPC code. Duck Hunter and iFly are registered trademarks of Interactive Toy Concepts. © 2009. All Rights Reserved. Manufactured by and distributed by InteractiveToy Concepts Ltd. Patent Information: EU: EP1958681 US: US2008191100 Canada: CA2607358 Aus: AU2007231617 Products and colors may vary. MADE IN CHINA. INS-44028-022509-US INSTRUCTION MANUAL 8+ Item# 44028 Congratulations on your purchase of the iFly DUCK HUNTER IMPORTANT BATTERY INFORMATION: Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries, standard carbon zinc, alkaline or rechargeable of different capacities. Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision. Please respect the correct polarity (-) or (+). Do not try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not throw batteries into the fire. Replace all batteries of the same type/brand at the same time. The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited. Remove exhausted batteries from the toy. Batteries should be replaced by adults. Remove batteries if the toy is not going to be played with for some time. The packaging should be kept since it contains important information. The iFly DUCK HUNTER is a revolutionary new toy that allows anyone to have the virtual learning experience of hunting a Duck in complete safety. The iFly DUCK HUNTER Shooter uses a narrow infra-red beam to shoot down a fully functional, flying “ornithopter” Duck. An ornithopter is a device that flies by flapping its wings. Thus, the ornithopter Duck’s flying pattern is very life-like. The Duck will fly for 30-40 seconds from a 10 second charge. The body of the Duck is made of an ultra-light and flexible foam which provides excellent structure and resistance to damage. Since the flying direction of the Duck can be preset, it is possible to play with the ifly DUCK HUNTER indoors or outdoors. It takes 3 direct hits from the infra-red blaster to bring down the Duck. It is possible to have a competitive game-play with any number of multiple players or to practice solo target shooting accuracy. A multiple player game-play consists of counting the number of shots fired to bring down the Duck. The person who fires the least amount of shots is the winner. INSTRUCTION MANUAL 1 Charger/ Display Stand 1 iFly “DUCK HUNTER” Flying Duck The iFly DUCK HUNTER has been carefully packaged to avoid damage during shipping. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN UNPACKING. 1 Infra-red Shooter/ Portable Charger TM CHOOSING YOUR FLYING LOCATION INSTALLING BATTERIES CHOOSING YOUR FLYING LOCATION INSTALLING BATTERIES The Duck has a built-in, non-removable, non-replaceable, rechargeable capacitor. The charger is built into the Shooter and requires 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries (sold separately). Use only the supplied charger provided in this iFly DUCK HUNTER package to charge the Duck. DO...

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