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Yokohama Research Centre Why Verbatim? Verbatim offers the complete solution for all your needs. From optical media and memory cards to printable photo paper and batteries, Verbatim is the right choice for future technology, today. Verbatim aims to ensure that all of our products carrying the Verbatim brand meet the exact high quality standards that our customers have come to expect. Our research and development teams are continually creating new products and enhancements on current products. This results in early launches of new products like Blu-ray and HD DVD-R plus latest speed generations in DVD, whilst improving printable surfaces and establishing features like Hard Coat. Our business model and dedicated employees have earned us our sought after leadership position and the top market share in Europe for recordable CD and DVD media. It is a position we have worked hard to achieve, and we will work even harder to maintain it. About Verbatim Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, based in Japan. Mitsubishi Kagaku Media s wide-range of operations makes it one of the leading chemical companies in the world. Mitsubishi Kagaku Media s pioneering strength is visible in its products, for which the research and development is carried out in the Yokohama Research Centre. The company also has strong relationships with the major hardware manufacturers in the market. These two strengths benefit Verbatim by ensuring not only the latest technologies and products fi rst to market, but also that optical discs bearing our brand are the standard that many hardware companies test their recorders on, making our discs superbly compatible. • Verbatim’s BD-R discs have a newly developed inorganic recording layer called MABL, whilst our BD-RE use the DVD proven SERL technology, enhanced to the new Blu-ray standards. These patented technologies ensure superb quality recording with the blue laser resulting in long archival lifetime and excellent “playback” performance. • Verbatim’s Hard Coat ScratchGuard (0,002mmm) layer of the Verbatim Blu-ray disc protects the discs from damage from scratches, fingerprints, dust and fluids. Verbatim Hard Coat is steel-wool tested and offers the ultimate protection against damage and contamination from day to day handling. CD-R dye DVD-R dye HD DVD-R dye • Verbatim’s research in HD DVD-R resulted in a new generation of the proven AZO dye. With its golden colour it stands for reliability and perfect recording. This ensures that each Verbatim HD DVD-R enjoys excellent playback performance and long archival stability. • Verbatim’s proven production technology and experience ensures perfect recording on every Blu-ray or HD DVD disc supplied to our customers. Therefore Verbatim offers the same lifetime warranty for Blu-ray and HD DVD that it offers to each of its CD and DVD discs. What is Blu-ray? Blue Laser Blu-ray discs (BD) get their name from a combination of the words blue and optical ray. The format was developed by the Blu-ray Discs Association (BDA), which is made up of a group of leading consumer electronics, major fi lm studios and PC companies, including our parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. Verbatim, as a subsidiary of MKM, has therefore, first hand access to the latest in Blu-ray technology. The Blu-ray disc’s higher storage capacity is enabled by a blue laser that has a shorter wavelength than the standard red laser used in CD (780nm) and DVD (650nm) technology. Blu-ray disc utilises a blue laser with a wavelength of only 405nm combined with a strong lens system with a numerical aperture of 0.85. This results in a ultra-small laser spot which allows writing smaller data pits which increases the amount of data on the disc. Due to the small data entry spot on the disc surface hard coating is needed on Blu-ray discs. How a BD Disc Works Red Laser (DVD) technology Blu-ray (BD-R/RE) technology Data Laser Disc Label Minimum pit length = 0.15.m Track pitch = 0.32.m Capacity = 25GB Data Polycarbonate Layer 1 Recording Layer Refl ective Layer Polycarbonate Layer 2 Disc Label Minimum pit length = 0.4.m Track pitch = 0.74.m Capacity = 4.7GB Hardcoat Layer Cover Layer Protective Layer Recording Layer Protective Layer Refl ective Layer Polycarbonate Layer What is HD DVD? High Density HD DVD stands for ‘High-Density Digital Versatile Disc’. It is promoted by Toshiba, NEC and others and is supported by four major film studios. Our parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, is a member of the HD DVD development technology group which means that Verbatim has access to the latest in HD DVD technology. The HD DVD disc, like the Blu-ray disc has a higher storage capacity using the same blue laser of 405nm wavelength compared to the standard red laser used in CD (780nm) and DVD (650nm) technology. However, HD DVD uses a lens system with a numerical aperture of 0.65 resulting in a slightly bigger laser spot. This makes the laser and disc less susceptible to scratches and fingerprints so t...

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