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Instructions Rheem, Modèle RS80-42BP

Fabricant : Rheem
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If installing three collectors, remove tiles for third collector strap. 4. Slide the Collector Extrusion on to the Collector Straps. After leveling, raise the hot pipe side of the extrusion by 1/2” per collector to ensure correct operation of the system (eg. For a 2 collector system, raise the hot pipe side of the extrusion by 1”). 6. Attach straps onto rafters or trusses with 5/16” x 6" lag screws. 7. Replace tiles that have previously been removed. 8. Flash and seal all roof penetrations. 9. Continue with Collector Installation. Collector Extrusion & Strap Installation Detail - Tile Roof ! CAUTION: Straps must be attached directly onto the rafters or trussed not less than 39” apart and not more than 63" apart. ! CAUTION: The Extrusion must slope 1/2” per collector from horizontal (hot pipe side to be higher) for the system to work correctly. Collector Extrusion and Strap Installation Detail - Metal Roof ! CAUTION: Ensure the weatherproof seal is restored. Frame Installation ! CAUTION: For all frame installations, the tank-end support points must be located over the load-bearing wall or a reinforced roof area. ! CAUTION: Ensure the weatherproof seal is restored. The frame is attached to two wood or Unistrut runners and installed over rafters or trusses, bearing wall or reinforced roof area. Fixed pitch frame assemblies are used in reverse and side pitch installations, whereas variable pitch frame assemblies are used for shallow pitch or flat roof installations. 1. Remove roofing if necessary where runners will be installed to provide solid base for the frame. 2. Install two off 2" x 4" x 8'4” redwood, treated-wood or Unistrut runners; • Mark supporting rafter or truss locations, • Place tank-end of runners over load-bearing wall, • Cut runners to straddle the two closest rafters diagonally, • Angle runners under support points to permit rainwater drainage. Installing the water heater. Frame Installation continued.... NOTICE: Allow room for “U” bracket pipe leg cradle on frame. Roofs with steep pitches (above 20°) may require short pipe legs at collector end of frame for clearance. • Drill each runner in center and 6" from runner ends and screw to rafters or trusses with 5/16" x 6" lag screws and washers, • Flash and seal all roof penetrations. 3. Move all pieces of Frame to roof and assemble (refer to Figure below). 4. Attach Frame to runners: For shallow-pitch or flat roofs, screw frame directly to runners. For side pitch or reverse pitch roofs; • Loosely screw collector end of frame to runners with 5/16" x 1 3/4" lag screws and washers, • Level frame and measure the required length for the tank-end pipe legs ( 5), • Measure and cut un-drilled end of pipe Frame Assembly legs to correct length, • Attach 'U' brackets to runners with 5/16" X 1 3/4" lag screws and washers or Unistrut bolts (refer to Figure below), Lower Pipe Leg Installation • Insert un-drilled ends of pipe legs into frame, • Attach drilled end of pipe legs to 'U' brackets using 2" screws, • Screw pipe legs to frame with 2" screws through pipe legs and frame sleeves, •Continue with Collector Installation. Pipe Leg Connection Detail “U” Bracket Frame Leg 2” Screws Collector Installation Collector Fitting Installation Detail ! CAUTION: The Extrusion must slope 1/2” per collector from horizontal (hot pipe side to be higher) for the system to work correctly. ! CAUTION: Do not damage Internal Collector Absorber with screws. Collector Nut Collector Union Fill Assembly 1. Set collectors in place, resting lower ends on collector extrusion or frame, 2. Remove plugs from corners of the collectors 3. Connect collectors with collector unions. Do not tighten fully (refer to points A & B in the figure above). 4. Check that collectors slope 1/2” per collector from horizontal (hot pipe side to be higher). 6. Install the collector plug and the collector nut at Point C. 7. Install collector fill assembly and collector nut at Point D. 8. Attach collectors to support Collector Union Collector Collector Plug Nut structure as shown below. Standard Installation Attach collectors to extrusion using 2 sets of collector clamps, screws and nuts, per collector . Frame Installation 1. Attach collectors with 2 sheet metal screws per collector, through the angle iron upright into the collector frame at the top and bottom of each collector. 2. Tighten collector unions, parts and hardware securely. 3. Continue with storage tank installation. Collector Attachment Details: Standard, Metal, or Tile. Collector Attachment Details: Frame Installation Installing the water heater. Storage Tank Installation Collector Hot Pipe Tank Clamp Collector down pipe alignment directly into rafters or trusses not less than 39” apart and not more than 63” apart. ! CAUTION: Do not damage internal collector absorber with screws. ! CAUTION: DO NOT install on a roof with a pitch beyond 45°. ! CAUTION: If lifting tank to roof manually, use correct lifting techniques. NOTICE: A crane may be necessary ...

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