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Instructions Pioneer, Modèle DEH-1400UBB

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to display the main menu. 2 Turn M.C. to change the menu option and press to select FUNCTION. 3 Turn M.C. to select the function. After selecting, perform the following procedures to set the function. # If MW/LW band is selected, only BSM, LOCAL and SEEK are available. BSM (best stations memory) BSM (best stations memory) automatically stores the six strongest stations in the order of their signal strength. 1 Press M.C. to turn BSM on. To cancel, press M.C. again. REGION (regional) When AF is used, the regional function limits the selection of stations to those broadcasting regional programs. 1 Press M.C. to turn the regional function on or off. LOCAL (local seek tuning) Local seek tuning lets you tune in to only those radio stations with sufficiently strong signals for good reception. 1 Press M.C. to select the desired setting. FM: OFF— LV1— LV2— LV3— LV4 MW/LW: OFF— LV1— LV2 The highest level setting allows reception of only the strongest stations, while lower levels allow the reception of weaker stations. PTY SEARCH (program type selection) You can tune in to a station using PTY (program type) information. 1 Press M.C. to display the setting mode. 2 Turn M.C. to select the desired setting. NEWS/INFO— POPULAR— CLASSICS— OTHERS 3 Press M.C. to begin the search. The unit searches for a station broadcasting that type of program. When a station is found, its program service name is displayed. For PTY (program type ID code) information, refer to this page. The program of some stations may differ from that indicated by the transmitted PTY. If no station is broadcasting the type of program you searched for, NOT FOUND is displayed for about two seconds and then the tuner returns to the original station. TA (traffic announcement standby) 1 Press M.C. to turn traffic announcement standby on or off. AF (alternative frequencies search) 1 Press M.C. to turn AF on or off. NEWS (news program interruption) 1 Press M.C. to turn the NEWS function on or off. SEEK (left/right key setting) You can assign a function to the left and right keys of the unit. Select MAN (manual tuning) to tune up or down manually or select PCH (preset channel) to switch between preset channels. 1 Press M.C. to select MAN or PCH. CD/CD-R/CD-RW and USB storage devices Basic operations Playing a CD/CD-R/CD-RW 1 Insert the disc into the disc loading slot with the label side up. Ejecting a CD/CD-R/CD-RW 1 Press h. Playing songs on a USB storage device 1 Open the USB port cover. 2 Plug in the USB storage device using a USB cable. A song will be played automatically. Stopping playback of files on a USB storage device 1 You may disconnect the USB storage device at any time. The unit stops playback. Selecting a folder 1 Press 1/ or 2/ . Selecting a track 1 Press c or d. Fast forwarding or reversing 1 Press and hold c or d. ! When playing compressed audio, there is no sound during fast forward or reverse. Returning to root folder 1 Press and hold BAND. English En 5 Section Operating this unit Switching between compressed audio and CD-DA 1 Press BAND. Switching between playback memory devices You can switch between playback memory devices on USB storage devices with more than one Mass Storage Device-compatible memory device. 1 Press BAND. ! You can switch between up to 32 different memory devices. Note Disconnect USB storage devices from the unit when not in use. Displaying text information Selecting the desired text information 1 Press . ! Depending on the version of iTunes used to write MP3 files to a disc or media file types, incompatible text stored within an audio file may be displayed incorrectly. ! Text information items that can be changed depend on the media. Selecting and playing files/ tracks from the name list 1 Press to switch to the file/track name list mode. 2 Use M.C. to select the desired file name (or folder name) . Changing the file or folder name 1 Turn M.C. Playing 1 When a file or track is selected, press M.C. 6 En Operating this unit Viewing a list of the files (or folders) in the selected folder 1 When a folder is selected, press M.C. Playing a song in the selected folder 1 When a folder is selected, press and hold M.C. Advanced operations using special buttons Selecting a repeat play range 1 Press 6/ to cycle between the following: CD/CD- R/CD-RW ! ALL – Repeat all tracks ! ONE – Repeat the current track ! FLD – Repeat the current folder USB audio player/USB memory ! ALL – Repeat all files ! ONE – Repeat the current file ! FLD – Repeat the current folder Playing tracks in random order 1 Press 5/ to turn random play on or off. Tracks in a selected repeat range are played in random order. ! To change songs during random play, press d to switch to the next track. Pressing c restarts playback of the current track from the beginning of the song. Pausing playback 1 Press 4/ PAUSE to pause or resume. Enhancing compressed audio and restoring rich sound (sound retriever) 1 Press 3/ S.Rtrv to cycle between: 1—2— OFF (off) 1 is effective for lo...

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