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Instructions Sony, Modèle SA-W505

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 136.77 kb
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Amplifier L R OUTMONO L IN OUT IN OUT LINELINE R This woofer This woofer Note Connect the MONO OUT jack, SUB WOOFER output jack, SUPER WOOFER output jack of the amplifier to the left input jack of the woofer. When connecting them to the right input jack of the woofer the sound will not come out. Connecting the AC power cord Connect the AC power cord from the woofer and from your amplifier to a wall outlet. 7EN Basic OperationsBasic Operations Basic OperationsBasic Operations Listening to the Sound IN PUT SPEAKER LINE COT OFF FREQ 50Hz 150Hz Note Never set the amplifier’s tone control (BASS, TREBLE, etc.) or the equalizer output to a high level or input sinewaves of 20 Hz to 50 Hz recorded on a commercially- available test disc or special sound (bass sound of electronic musical instrument, pop noise of analog disc turntable, sound with abnormally enhanced bass, etc.) in a high level to this unit. These actions may cause damage to the speakers. When a special disc containing abnormally enhanced bass is played, noise may be output in addition to the original sound. In such a case, decrease the sound level. Note The sub woofer output signal (DOLBY digital (AC-3) signal) of the digital surround processor sold singularly is set 10 dB higher by Dolby laboratories Licensing Corporation. In the case of using normally, adjust the sub woofer level. 8EN 1 3 1 1 Select SPEAKER or LINE with IN PUT selector. 2 2 Turn on the amplifier and select the program source. 3 3 Press POWER. The woofer turns on and the POWER indicator lights up in green. 4 4 Play the program source. Adjust the VOLUME so that sound from front speakers is not distorted. If it is distorted, the sound from the woofer will also be distorted. To turn off the power Press POWER to release the switch. If you hear noise when you turn off the woofer, turn down the LEVEL of the woofer, or turn off the amplifier before turning off the woofer. Basic Operations Basic Operations Adjusting the Sound You can adjust the sound of the woofer to suit the sound of your front speakers. Reinforcing the bass sound gives you a greater sense of atmosphere. IN PUT SPEAKER LINE MODE MUSIC MOVIE PHASE NORMAL REVERSE COT OFF FREQ 50Hz 150Hz LEVEL MIN MAX IN PUT CUT OFF FREQ LEVEL MODE PHASE 1 1 Adjust the cut-off frequency. Turn the CUT OFF FREQ control, depending on the reproduction frequencies of your front speakers. 4321100Hz Refer to the following when adjusting. 75Hz 125Hz 1 Typical very small sized speakers: 5 – 7 cm dia. 130Hz 2 Typical small sized speakers: 8 –15 cm dia. 3 Typical medium sized speakers: 16 –24 cm dia. 50Hz 150Hz 4 Typical large sized speakers: more than 25 cm dia. To make the most of the low level converter function of Dolby digital, turn the CUT OFF FREQ as high as possible when playing back the Dolby digital (AC-3). 2 2 Adjust the volume level of the woofer. Turn the LEVEL control so that you can hear the bass sound a little more than before. To increase the volume, turn the control clockwise. To decrease the volume, turn the control counterclockwise. Note If the sound distorts when you turn on the bass reinforcement from your amplifier (such as, DBFB, GROOVE, the graphic equalizer, etc.), turn off the bass reinforcement and adjust the sound. Note Selecting NORMAL or REVERSE with the PHASE selector reverses the polarity and may provide better bass reproduction in certain listening environments (depending on the type of front speakers, the position of the woofer and the adjustment of the cut-off frequency). It may also change the expanse and tightness of sound, and effect the feeling of the sound field. Select the setting that provides the sound you prefer when listening in your normal listening position. Basic 3 3 Play your favorite song and movie. Select MOVIE or MUSIC with MODE selector. Male vocal tunes and voice containing bass sounds are most suitable for adjustment. Turn the volume for front speakers to the same level as usual. 4 4 Select the phase polarity. Use the PHASE selector to select the phase polarity. 5 5 Repeat steps 1 to 4 to adjust for your preference. Once you have adjusted the woofer to the settings you desire, use the VOLUME control on the amplifier to adjust the volume of the woofer with that of the other speakers. You don’t need to adjust the woofer settings when you change the volume level of the amplifier. 9EN Additional Information Precautions On safety • Before operating the woofer, be sure that the operating voltage of your woofer is identical with that of your local power supply. • Unplug the woofer from the wall outlet if it is not to be used for an extended period of time. To disconnect the cord, pull the cord by grasping the plug. Never pull the cord itself. • Should any liquid or solid object fall into the woofer, unplug the woofer and have the woofer checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. • AC power cord must be changed only at the qualified service shop. When turning on or off an amplifier or ot...

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