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Instructions Yamaha, Modèle NS-F700

Fabricant : Yamaha
Taille : 1.75 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ruenesfrde
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Wood screw Pad . 4 (4mm (3/16”)) . 4 ATTACHING THE STANDS When placing the speakers, be sure to use the stands to increase stability. Notes • Make sure to have another person support it. • Pay extra attention to avoid scratching on the speaker’s surface. • Place the speaker on a supporting surface (height of 7 cm (2-3/4”) or more). Use a blanket or a cushion on it to avoid scratching. • The provided stands are in two types. Two stands are for the right side and others are for the left side. Attach each stand to the proper position on the bottom of the speaker by following the figure below. • To attach the stands to the speaker, be sure to lay down the speaker with the side facing up. (R) (L) (L)(R) Back Front View from the bottom of the speaker Pad Screw (6mm (1/4”)) Wood screw (4mm (3/16”)) Note Be carefully not to apply force to the side of the speaker, otherwise the speaker may fall causing damage to the speaker or personal injury. Use the 8 specified holes located on the base of the speaker. 1 En English PLACING THE SPEAKERS CONNECTIONS TO YOUR AMPLIFIER PLACING THE SPEAKERS CONNECTIONS TO YOUR AMPLIFIER ¦Using as 2ch stereo speakers This speaker system is capable of standard connections and biwire connection. Before making connections, make sure that Better stereo images will be obtained when the speakers are the amplifier is switched off. slightly angled in towards the listeners. Standard connections ¦Using as front speakers in a multi channel system Position the speakers on both sides of the TV. The positioning of speakers is important, since this dictates the overall sound quality of the multi channel system. Set up the speakers on the basis of your listening position by following the owner’s manual supplied with your amplifier. SPEAKERS A B LR ++ – – Leave the short bars in place when connecting. Short bar Loosen Black (–) Insulation coating Tighten Red (+) Bare wire NS-F700 Speakers output terminals of the amplifier (or receiver) NS-F700 NS-F700 Subwoofer Center Surround Surround back Notes • Placing this unit too close to a CRT TV set might impair picture color or create a buzzing noise. Should this happen, move the speaker away (more than 20 cm (7-7/8”)) from the TV set. • To avoid accidents resulting from tripping over loose speaker cables, fix them to the floor. Amplifier or Receiver • Connect the screw-type input terminals at the rear of the speakers to the speaker output terminals of the amplifier (or receiver) with the speaker cable. • Connect the (+) terminals on the amplifier (or receiver) to the (+) terminal of each speaker, making sure to confirm the color- coded wire of the cable at each end. Use the other wire of the cable to connect the (–) terminals of the components. • Connect one speaker to the left (marked L) terminals of your amplifier, and another speaker to the right (marked R) terminals, making sure not to reverse the polarity (+, –). If one speaker is connected with reversed polarity the sound will be unnatural and lack bass. 2 En 3 En English ¦How to connect 1 Loosen the knob. 2 Remove 10 mm (3/8”) of insulation from each end of the cables, and twist the exposed conductors together neatly and tightly, as shown below. 3 Insert the bare wire. 4 Tighten the knob and secure the cables. Test the firmness of the connection by pulling lightly on the cables at the terminal. Notes • Do not let the bare speaker wires touch each other as this could damage the speaker or the amplifier, or both. • Do not insert the insulation into the hole. Sound may not be produced. ¦About Bi-Wire Connection This speaker system is capable of bi-wire connection. To connect the speaker to the output terminals of the amplifier (or receiver), two pairs of cables for each of mid-range/woofer and tweeter used instead of standard connections. This type of connection decreases the modulation distortion caused by electric resistance of the cables and driving current of the speakers. Consequently, purer sound quality can be expected. To utilize bi-wire connection, remove the short bars from the terminals first, and then connect the mid-range/woofer and tweeter to the amplifier separately using two pairs of cables. ¦When using a banana plug Note Do not take off this cover unless using a banana plug. 1 Tighten the terminal knob. 2 Remove the cover by pulling it toward you. 3 Simply insert the banana plug into the terminal. Note Use a suitable instrument to remove the cover. Removing it with your bare hands may hurt your fingertips. Bi-wire connection Good No Good 10 mm (3/8 ”) + – – + SPEAKERS R L SPEAKERS A B R L + – – + Remove the short bars before connecting. Black (–) Short bar Red (+) Tweeter terminals NS-F700(R) Amplifier or Receiver Mid-range/woofer terminals NS-F700(L) NS-F700(R) NS-F700(L) Amplifier or Receiver Both SPEAKERS A and B should be selected. Banana plug Cover ATTACHING THE FRONT COVER SPECIFICATIONS ATTACHING THE FRONT COVER SPECIFICATIONS The speaker and the front cover are packed separately. ...

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