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Instructions Crown Boiler, Modèle CHC68-96L

Fabricant : Crown Boiler
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Base oil nozzle selection (i.e. heating capacity of the furnace) on a rate of heat loss (heating load) calculation performed for the building. Use the procedures developed in manuals provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) to make these calculations. Refer to the Residential Load Calculation, Manual J, from the ACCA, and the ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals volume, from ASHRAE, for recommended practices in heating load calculation for a residence. To obtain copies of these publications for a fee, contact the ACCA and the ASHRAE at the addresses given in Appendix A of the furnace instruction manual. Installation: The oil burner ships in a carton separate from the furnace. In the field, it is necessary to mount the oil burner, secure it to the furnace, and connect the wiring harness to complete the burner installation. Refer to the following steps. 2 Only qualified service personnel shall perform installation and service. 1) Remove the oil burner from the shipping carton and remove any shipping materials adhering to the burner. Collect and save the burner mounting gasket and any instructions furnished with the burner. 2) If it is necessary to adjust the heating capacity of the furnace, by changing the oil burner nozzle, refer to the following directions. a) The oil nozzle is factory installed in the oil burner. To change the oil nozzle, remove the nozzle through the front end of the burner air tube. Consult the oil burner manufacturer’s operating instructions (included with the burner) for detailed instructions on this procedure. b) Install an appropriate replacement nozzle of the correct size, spray angle, and spray type. Refer to the Specification Sheets, in Appendix C of the furnace instruction manual, for nozzle recommendations. 3) On highboy furnace models, remove the burner access panel. This panel will be the upper access panel on the front of the furnace. On lowboy models, remove the front access panel. On horizontal / counterflow models, the burner is mounted on the front surface of the furnace. 4) Remove the three (3), 5/16 in. brass hex machine screw nuts and the three (3) steel flat washers from the threaded studs protruding through the burner mounting plate on the furnace. Retain this hardware for later reuse. 5) Rough handling of the furnace may occur while in transit. Under some conditions, the combustion chamber can shift out of position. The chamber should seat properly on the base of the heat exchanger. Check for proper alignment of the burner air tube with the circular opening in the combustion chamber and trial fit the burner to check the insertion depth of the oil burner into the combustion chamber. It may be necessary to remove the burner mounting plate to get sufficient access to the chamber. The end of the burner air tube should be inserted no farther than 1/4 inch back from the inside surface of the combustion ...

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