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Instructions Philips, Modèle HD9040/90

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8). For programs 1 to 8, the preset crust colour is medium. The dot on the right side of the display indicates the selected crust colour (Fig. 9). , The baking time for the selected program, weight and crust colour appears on the display. , The baking time is shown in hours and minutes (Fig. 10). 4 Press the start/stop/cancel button to start the bread making process. (Fig. 11) Note: In programs 3, 4 and 7, the appliance does not start mixing immediately, but preheats first. The progress icon flashes (Fig. 12). , During the baking process, the appliance itself and the lid become extremely hot. Be careful not to burn yourself. EnglisH 11 Note:You can watch the mixing, kneading and baking process through the viewing window. Occasionally, some moisture may develop on the inside of the window.You can lift the lid to look inside during the mixing and kneading stages, but DO NOT OPEN THE LID DURING THE BAKING PROCESS (approximately the last hour of the entire processing time), as this may cause the bread to collapse. The display counts down the processing time in steps of 1 minute until the bread is ready. , Each three seconds, the display shows the progress animation (Fig. 13). , When the baking process is finished, the appliance beeps. Alternately, the message ‘Fin’ , is shown on the display for 1 second and the keep-warm time is shown for 1 second (the keep-warm time counts up in minutes up to 1 hour). (Fig. 14) During the keep-warm time, the keep-warm icon is visible on the display.The program icon is , not visible during the keep-warm time. (Fig. 15) Note:The keep-warm mode does not work in the Dough program, Pasta Dough, Multi Bread Shaper and Multi Bread Shaper Sweet programs. If you leave finished dough in the appliance too long, it may over- rise and produce poor baking results. For the best results, remove the dough at the end of the program and follow the instructions in the recipe for shaping, resting and baking. Note: If you do not remove the bread during or immediately after the keep-warm mode is finished, the crust gets moist and loses its crispiness.The keep-warm mode DOES NOT overbake the bread or make it darker. using the timer You can use the timer if you want the bread to be ready at a later time. The maximum delay time that can be set is 15 hours. For example, set the timer to 15 hours at 17:00 hours to have the bread ready at 08:00 hours the next morning. Note: Do not use the timer function with recipes that require fresh ingredients that may go bad, for instance eggs, fresh milk, sour cream or cheese. Note:The timer does not work in programs 7, 8, 9 and 11 to 14. To use the timer : 1 2 Put all ingredients in the bread pan. Select the appropriate program, loaf size and crust colour for your recipe. The total processing time for the selected settings is shown on the display. ,3 Calculate the time difference (in hours) between the present time and the time you want the bread to be ready. For instance, if the current time is 17.00 hours and you want the bread to be ready the next morning at 08.00 hours, the time difference is 15 hours. 4 Press the timer increase or decrease button until the display shows the correct time difference (Fig. 16). Every time you press the timer increase or decrease button, the time increases or decreases , by 10 minutes. If you keep the buttons pressed, the time increases or decreases more quickly. Note: If the time on the display reaches 15 hours and you still keep the timer increase button pressed, the display goes back to the baking time of the set program. Note: If you pass the time you want to set, press the opposite button to increase or decrease the time. 5 Press the start/stop/cancel button. The progress icon starts to flash when the breadmaker starts operating. , The timer counts down the set time in minutes and every three seconds the progress , animation is shown. The bread is ready when the timer has counted down to 00:01. ‘Fin’ appears on the display , and the appliance beeps. 12 EnglisH after the baking process The inside of the breadmaker, the bread pan, the kneading blades and the bread are very hot. Always use oven mitts when you remove the bread pan at the end of the baking cycle or at any time during the keep-warm mode. 1 2 3 4 To stop the keep-warm mode, press the start/stop/cancel button for 2 seconds.The display shows “OFF”, the current program is cancelled and the appliance goes back to the default setting. To switch off the appliance, remove the mains plug from the wall socket. Using pot holders or oven mitts, open the lid and grab the handle of the bread pan. Pull the bread pan to the left or right to unlock it and lift it out of the appliance by its handle. For easy bread removal, let the bread sit upright in the bread pan for 5 minutes.Then turn the pan upside down, hold the handle and shake the bread out onto a wire cooling rack to release heat and moisture from the bread faster. If necessar y, slide a flat rubber or plastic spatula along ...

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