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Instructions Harman Stove Company, Modèle SF160

Fabricant : Harman Stove Company
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IF THIS HARMAN BOILER IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED, A HOUSE FIRE MAY RESULT. FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOLLOW INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS. CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OR FIRE OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. Contact your local authority (such as municipal building department, fire department, fire prevention bureau, etc.) to determine the need for a permit. Cette guide d’utilisation est disponible en francais. Chez votre concessionnaire de Harman Stove Company. Save These Instructions Congratulations, You have just purchased the finest wood / coal boiler available. Harman Trident boilers are constructed of high quality materials and are manufactured by a highly skilled team of assemblymen. Each boiler is inspected and pressure tested for quality assurance. This manual is designed to provide all of the basic information needed for a safe and proper installation. However, there are many skills needed that can not be learned by reading this manual. Harman Stove Company recommends that the installation be performed by a plumbing and heating expert. The Harman Trident Boilers are designed to operate safe, easy and automatically. You may however, need to learn a few basic skills to maintain a fire. Especially if this is your first venture into solid fuel burning. If you have any problems, re-read these instructions. If you can not resolve the issue(s), Contact your Harman Stove dealer. Table Of Contents 4 5 6 7 7 8 10 10 11 11 11 12 13 13 14 Packing List Installation Aquastat Wiring Venting Plumbing Operating Instructions Starting a Wood Fire Starting a Coal Fire Loading Fuel Shaking Ashes Safety Tips Maintenance Specifications Warranty Packing List The Following items are supplied with your Harman Trident Boiler: Please notify your Harman Dealer if you are missing any items. -- Shaker Handle --Johnson Controls Aquastat - (3) pieces; A350 Controller w/ Sensor wire S350 Stage Module Y350 Power Supply --Immersion Well --Din Rail and (2) End Clamps --Terminal Box --Terminal Block and (2) #8-32 nuts --Pressure Relief Valve (30 psi.) --Temperature / Pressure Gauge --Automatic Draft Control Assembly --(1 pc.) Flex Conduit w/ (2) 90° Fittings w/ nuts, and (3) Chase Nipples w/ nuts --(2) Manual Draft Control Knob Assembly --(3) Brass Coil Spring Handle --Ash Pan --Warranty Registration Form Notice: The Aquastat controls supplied with the Trident Boiler are designed only to maintain water temperature within the boiler. The actual heating system is controlled separately by your thermostat(s) opening zone valves or energizing circulation pump(s). Do not attach a thermostat to the supplied controls. Installation Getting Started The sheet metal sides and top are easily removed to reduce the chance of dents and/or scratches in the finish. Simply lift the top off, and that will allow the sides to be pulled away and up, for removal. To re-install, slide the channel, at the bottom of each side piece, over the lip at the bottom of the boiler, and hold downward while moving the side panel into place. Then slide the top down over the sides. NOTE: The sheet metal top holds the sides in place, thus, no bolts or screws are needed. Pressure Relief Valve Domestic Hot Water Coil Option Temp/Pressure Gauge Immersion Well Johnson Controls Aquastat and Terminal Block Optional Electric Back-up Elements Shaker Handle Caution: Boiler should not be installed closer than 36 inches (915 mm) to any combustible material Automatic Draft Control FIG.1 Locating Boiler Place the boiler as close to the chimney as possible, while still maintaining the above mentioned clearances. Bolt the shaker handle on to the block on the side of the boiler, using the (2) 5/16 X 3/4 in. bolts and lock-washers. Assembly Install the Temperature/Pressure Gauge into the pipe stub in the center of the round plate on the front of the boiler (FIG. 1) Install the A350 sensor wire all the way into the immersion well and screw the well into one of the top holes on the face of the boiler. Turn the pressure relief valve into the stub on top of the boiler, next to the supply outlet fitting. NOTE: Use teflon tape to seal the threads on all fittings. Any unused fittings must be plugged. Bolt the two manual draft controls through the holes in the top load door. (FIG.2) The draft control knob should spin freely and open to a distance of approximately 3/8 in. from the door surface, while being able to close against the door surface. 3/8 to 1/2 in. FIG.2 Installation Aquastat Installation (See optional items, page 7) Lay the din rail on a flat surface, with the flat side down. Secure one end clamp, on the left side. Slide the A350 controller onto the rail from right to left until it is against the end clamp. Slide the Y350 onto the rail and guide the plug-in connector, joining it to the A350. Next, install the S350, again, guiding the plug-in connector carefully. Install the other end clamp to the right side of the din rail. Remove the covers from all three c...

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