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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-HC35E

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87). • Remove the power source. Reconnect it and operate your camcorder again. • Change the cassette. Press RESET (p. 25), and operate your camcorder again. E:61:ss / E:62:ss • Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. Inform them of the 5-digit code, which starts from “E.” E (Battery level warning) • The battery pack is nearly used up. • Depending on the operating, environment, or battery conditions, E may flash, even if there are approximately 5 to 10 minutes remaining. % (Moisture condensation warning)* • Eject the cassette, remove the power source, and then leave it for about 1 hour with the cassette lid open (p. 87). Q (Warning indicators pertaining to the tape) Slow flashing: • There is less than 5 minutes remaining on the tape. • No cassette is inserted.* • The write-protect tab on the cassette is set to lock (p. 84).* Fast flashing: • The tape has run out.* Z (Eject cassette warning)* Slow flashing: • The write-protect tab on the cassette is set to lock (p. 84). Fast flashing: • Moisture condensation has occurred (p. 87). • The self-diagnosis display code is displayed (p. 80). * You hear a melody when the warning indicators appear on the screen (p. 50). Description of warning messages If messages appear on the screen, follow the instructions. x Battery/Power Use the “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack. (p. 84) Battery level is low. • Change the battery (p. 9, 84). Old battery. Use a new one. (p. 84) Z Re-attach the power source. (p. 9) Use new AC adapter or reinsert. (p. 9) x Moisture condensation %Z Moisture condensation. Eject the cassette (p. 87) % Moisture condensation. Turn off for 1H. (p. 87) x Cassette/Tape Q Insert a cassette. (p. 19) Z Reinsert the cassette. (p. 19) • Check if the cassette is damaged. QZ The tape is locked - check the tab. (p. 84) Q The tape has reached the end. (p. 19, 23) • Rewind or change the tape. x Others Cannot record due to copyright protection. (p. 83) Cannot add audio. Disconnect the i.LINK cable. (p. 55) Not recorded in SP mode. Cannot add audio. (p. 55) Not recorded in 12-bit audio. Cannot add audio. (p. 55) Cannot add audio on the blank portion of a tape. (p. 55) Cannot add audio. (p. 55) • You cannot add sound to a tape recorded on other devices by 4CH MIC REC. x Dirty video head. Use a cleaning cassette. (p. 88) Cannot start Easy Handycam. (p. 20, 68) Cannot cancel Easy Handycam. (p. 20, 68) Cannot start Easy Handycam with USB connected. • You cannot start the Easy Handycam settings while the USB cable is connected. Disconnect the USB cable from your camcorder first. Invalid during Easy Handycam operation. (p. 21) Continued , 81 Troubleshooting Warning indicators and messages (Continued) USB invalid during Easy Handycam • You cannot connect the USB cable during Easy Handycam. Touch . HDV recorded tape. Cannot playback. • Your camcorder cannot play back this format. Play back the tape with the equipment that recorded it. HDV recorded tape. Cannot add audio. • Your camcorder does not allow you to add audio on a section of a tape recorded in HDV format (p. 55). Disconnect one AV cable. • A/V connecting cables are connected to both the camcorder and the Handycam Station. Disconnect one of them. • When the A/V connecting cable is connected only to your camcorder, your camcorder is not attached to the Handycam Station correctly. Attach the Handycam Station correctly. Additional Information Using your camcorder abroad Power supply You can use your camcorder in any country/region using the AC Adaptor supplied with your camcorder within the AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range. On TV color systems Your camcorder is PAL system, so its picture can only be viewed on a PAL system TV with an AUDIO/VIDEO input jack. System Used in PAL Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, etc. PAL - M Brazil PAL - N Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay. SECAM Bulgaria, France, Guiana, Iran, Iraq, Monaco, Russia, Ukraine, etc. NTSC Bahama Islands, Bolivia, Canada, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Surinam, Taiwan, the Philippines, the U.S.A., Venezuela, etc. Simple setting of the clock by time difference You can easily set the clock to local time abroad by the time difference you are in. Select [WORLD TIME] in the (OTHERS) menu, then set the time difference (p. 50). Usable cassette tapes You can use mini DV format cassettes only. Use a cassette with the mark. Your camcorder is not compatible with cassettes with Cassette Memory. To prevent a blank section from being created on the tape Go to the end of the recorded section using END SEARCH (p. 28) before you begin the next recording in the following cases: • You have played back the tape. • You have used EDIT SEARCH. Copyright signal x When you play back If the cassette y...

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