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Instructions Canon, Modèle LEGRIA HF R36

Fabricant : Canon
Taille : 5.03 mb
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Refer also to the instruction manual of your wireless router and other devices you will use. General requirements • Correctly configured Wi-Fi network or hotspot that uses the 802.11b/g/n protocol. POINTS TO CHECK • Using an unprotected Wi-Fi network can expose your files and data to monitoring by unauthorized third parties. Be aware of the risks involved. • When using the camcorder's Wi-Fi functions, do not cover the right side of the camcorder with your hand or other object. The Wi-Fi antenna is located on the right side and covering it may interfere with wireless signals. Wi-Fi antenna .. 5 Place the camcorder on a table or similar surface and then use the Wi-Fi functions, as shown in the illustration on the left. Operating modes: If your wireless router has a WPS button, setup will be easy and all automatic. Some wireless routers that support WPS do not have a dedicated button but use a PIN code instead. For setup using a PIN code, you will need to know in advance how to activate the wireless router's WPS function. 1Press T to set the camcorder to playback mode and then press . 2 Set up a new connection point. [ Wi-Fi] > [Wi-Fi Setup] > [Network Setup] > Desired connection point ([ 1] to [ 3]) > [Set Up New]* > [WPS: Button] or [WPS: PIN Code], depending on whether your wireless router has a WPS button or uses a PIN code * To replace the settings of an existing connection point, touch [Edit] instead and then manually change the settings. To delete the settings, touch [Delete] and then [Yes]. • You can set up up to three connection points for infrastructure mode ([ 1] to [ 3]). Once set up, you can use the same Wi-Fi network without any further settings. 6 • 3 WPS button setup: Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless router. WPS PIN code setup: After a PIN code appears on the camcorder's screen, enter it into your wireless router's setup screen. In most cases, the wireless router’s setup screen is accessed using your Web browser. For details about how to activate the Wi-Fi protected setup, refer to the instruction manual of your wireless router. 4 Within 2 minutes, touch [OK] on the camcorder's screen. You can touch [Stop] and then [OK] to interrupt the Wi-Fi Protected Setup while it is in progress. 5 Touch [Automatic] to automatically obtain an IP address. • To assign the IP address manually, touch [Manual] and perform the procedure in To manually assign an IP address below. • A screen to test the settings will appear. 6 Select whether to test the settings. • You can touch [Check Current Configuration] to review the network settings. • If you touched [Yes], a test of the settings will be performed and a confirmation screen will appear. Touch [OK]. 7 Save the settings of the connection point. [Yes] > [OK]* >[X] * After touching [OK], you can review the network settings. Touch [Wi-Fi Setup] > [Check Current Configuration] > Desired connection point ([ 1] to [ 3]) >[I] or [I] >[K] three times when finished. Congratulations! You have connected your camcorder to the access point on your Wi-Fi network. You can now use the camcorder's convenient Wi-Fi features. The general requirements for each feature are outlined in the next section. For more details, refer to the full-version Instruction Manual (PDF file). .. 7 Requirements for Wi-Fi Functions You have connected the camcorder to your Wi-Fi network and are ready for the next step. You can now wirelessly transfer recordings to a computer or FTP server, upload recordings to the Internet, and play back your recordings on a DLNA-compatible player. Transferring Files to a Computer or FTP Server You can wirelessly transfer recordings directly to a computer running the supplied software Network Utility (Windows only) or an FTP server. For a full explanation, refer to the full-version Instruction Manual (;Transferring Files to a Computer or FTP Server). Access point General requirements For computers running Windows OS: • A computer correctly connected to the same network as the camcorder with the supplied software Network Utility correctly installed, configured and running ( appears in the notification area, depending on the OS). Network Utility will be installed automatically after you install VideoBrowser. For details about the software, refer to the ‘Network Utility Software Guide’ (PDF file on the PIXELA CD-ROM in the folder \Network Utility\Manual\English). For FTP servers: • Correctly configured FTP server, such as a Macintosh computer or network- attached storage (NAS) drive. You will need to enter the IP address, port, user name, password and file transfer destination as part of the manual setup. 8 • Uploading Recordings to YouTube and Facebook You can upload movies to YouTube and movies and photos to Face- book using the supplied software Network Utility running on a Windows computer. For a full explanation, refer to the full-version Instruction Manual (;Uploading Recordings to YouTube and Facebook). Access point Computer General requirements • A co...

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