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Instructions Philips, Modèle GC7635/31

Fabricant : Philips
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If you do not, the product will stop working to prevent damaging itself.You could either replace the car tridge or use demineralised water with exhausted car tridge. -To purchase more ANTI-CALC car tridges, go to your local Philips dealer or search for GC002 or GC004 in the online shop at General description (Fig. 4) 1 ANTI-CALC car tridge 2 ANTI-CALC car tridge compar tment 3 ANTI-CALC car tridge compar tment lid 4 Carr y lock release button (specific types only) 5 Filling funnel lid 6 Water tank with water level indicator 7 Iron platform 8 Supply hose 9 Mains cord with plug 10 ANTI-CALC car tridge replacement light 11 On/off button with power-on light 12 ECO button with light 13 Soleplate 14 ’Iron ready’ light 15 Steam trigger/steam boost button EnGlish important Read the separate impor tant information leaflet and the user manual carefully before you use the appliance. Save both documents for future reference. To fully benefit from the suppor t that Philips offers, register your product at Before first use - Placing the ANTI-CALC cartridge Note:The appliance does not produce steam if the ANT-CALC cartridge is not in place. 1 Press the carry lock release button (specific types only) and remove the iron from the iron platform. 2 Open the ANTI-CALC cartridge compartment. 3 Take the ANTI-CALC cartridge out of its package (1) and pull therubber cap from its bottom (2). Place the ANTI-CALC cartridge inthe compartment and press it down until it locks into place (3).Then close the ANTI-CALC cartridge compartment lid. Note: Some water droplets may fall out of the ANTI-C ALC cartridge when you place it into the compartment.This is normal and the water is harmless. EnGlish Preparing for use Filling the water tank -Fill the water tank before ever y use or when the water level in the water tank drops below the minimum level.You can refill the water tank at any time during use. -Make sure you only use one of the 3 types of water mentioned below to fill the water tank: 1 Tap water The ANTI-CALC car tridge filters scale par ticles from tap water.The scale content in the filtered water is regularly monitored by an electronic sensor. This sensor informs you when the car tridge needs to be replaced. 2 Demineralised water You can safely use demineralised water in your steam generator. Make sure that the ANTI-CALC car tridge is always in place, as the car tridge ser ves as a link between the water tank and the iron. When you use demineralised water, the ANTI-CALC car tridge is not used and therefore replacement of the car tridge is not necessar y. 3 Descaled water from the IronCare The IronCare removes scale from tap water to ensure optimum performance for your iron. For more information, go to Caution: Do not use perfumed water, water from a tumble dryer, rainwater, vinegar, mineral water, magnetically treated water (Aqua+), water from a drinking water filter, starch, descaling agents, ironingaids, salt or chemicals in the water tank.These types of water havebeen tested.They are not suitable and may even cause damage to the appliance. If you use any of these types of water, your guarantee becomes invalid. 1 2 Open the filling funnel lid. Fill the water tank with tap water up to the MAX indication.Then close filling funnel lid (‘click’). EnGlish using the appliance optimaltemp technology Do not iron non-ironable fabrics. This appliance is equipped with OptimalTemp technology, which enables you to iron all types of ironable fabrics without adjusting the iron temperature or steam setting. -Fabrics with these symbols are ironable, for example linen, cotton, polyester, silk, wool, viscose and rayon. -Fabrics with this symbol are not ironable.These fabrics include synthetic fabrics such as Spandex or elastane, Spandex-mixed fabrics and polyolefins (e.g. polypropylene), but also prints on garments. ironing 1 Place the steam generator on a stable and even surface. 2 Make sure that there is enough water in the water tank (see section ‘Filling the water tank’ in chapter ‘Preparing for use’). 3 Plug in the appliance and press the on/off button.Wait for approx. 2 minutes until the ‘iron ready’ light stops flashing. 4 Press and hold the steam trigger to start ironing. Keep the steam trigger pressed continuously when you move the iron over the fabric. Note:When you use the appliance for the first time or after replacement of the ANTI-C ALC cartridge, it may take 10 seconds for steam to come out of the appliance. Note:The pump is activated each time you press the steam trigger. It produces subtle rattling sound, which is normal.When there is no water in the water tank, the pump sound is louder. Fill up the water tank with water when the water level drops below the minimum level. 10 EnGlish Steam boost function -Use the steam boost function to remove stubborn creases. Press the steam trigger twice quickly. Vertical steam ironing Hot steam is emitted from the iron. Nev...

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