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Instructions APC, Modèle UCCS Temperature Control

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Part 2 - Products 2.01 Manufacturers 2.02 Air Tubing and Control Wiring 2.03 Control Valves 2.04 Control Dampers 2.05 Local Control Panels 2.06 Compressed Air Supply - Pneumatic 2.07 Actuators and Positioners -Pneumatic 2.08 Auxiliary Devices - Pneumatic 2.09 Control Devices - Electric 2.10 Solid-State Sensing Devices 2.11 Transmitters - Solid State 2.12 Auxiliary Devices - Electric 2.13 Actuators and Positioners -Electric 2.14 Safety Controls III. Part 3 - Execution 3.01 Control-Air Piping 3.02 Control Piping (Liquids) 3.03 Control Wiring 3.04 Delta Controllers 3.05 Installation and Setup Requirements 3.06 Control Device Locations 3.07 Control Panels 3.08 Identification 3.09 Protection 3.10 Cleanup 3.11 Testing 3.12 Control Execution - General 3.13 Workstation Programming 3.14 Fiber Optics - Networking 3.15 I/O Point Wiring Convention 3.16 DDC Software IV. Part 4 – Special Instructions Index END OF SECTION JANUARY 2008 UCCS STANDARDS 15950-1 SECTION 15950 CONTROLS [Note to Consultant: These standards incorporate the suggested wording for contract specifications. The consultant is responsible for making sure that the specifications are edited to meet the scope and intent of the project. Items which specifically require editing are highlighted in bold and enclosed in brackets.] PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE General Requirements Divisions 0 and 1 Mechanical Division 15 Testing, Balancing, and Adjusting Section 15990 Electrical Division 16 [Note to Consultant: Include Commissioning here if used.] A. The General Conditions of the Contract, Supplementary Conditions, and General Require- ments bound herewith are a part of these Specifications and shall be used in conjunction with this Division as a part of the Contract Documents. Consult them for further instructions pertaining to this work. Contractors shall be responsible for, and be governed by, all requirements thereunder. B. Electrical wiring in connection with the automatic temperature control system, where shown on the Division 16 drawings, shall be performed by the Electrical Contractor. All other wiring required for proper operation of the automatic temperature system shall be performed by this Contractor. C. The automatic temperature control valves, separable wells for immersion sensors, and taps for flow and pressure instruments shall be provided by the Controls Contractor for installation by the Mechanical Contractor under the Controls Contractor's supervision. D. All automatic temperature control dampers shall be provided by the Controls Contractor for installation by the Mechanical Contractor under the Control Contractor's supervision, unless they are components of packaged equipment. [Note to Consultant: Cross-reference the control-damper specification in 15950 in the section in which products utilizing control dampers are specified. The dampers used in packaged equipment shall conform to the damper specification in this section.] E. Adjustments of manual balancing devices, as required to obtain design air and/or water JANUARY 2008 UCCS STANDARDS 15950-2 flows, shall be by the Balancing Contractor. The Controls Contractor shall provide assis- tance to the Balancing Contractor with control adjustments as required to obtain design flows by: 1. Providing on-site instruction on the proper interfacing and operation of their equipment 2. Providing the necessary software for use with the balancer's personal computer for interfacing with their control equipment. Where proprietary equipment/gateways are required, this equipment shall be provided for the Balancing Contractor's use. F. Airflow stations are provided and installed by the Mechanical Contractor. The Controls Contractor shall make all necessary connections to the control system. 1. Flow meters and other control devices furnished by other contractors shall have all necessary connections to the control system made by the Controls Contractor. 1.02 SPECIAL CONDITIONS A. The University uses only Delta Controls for all DDC applications. The University prefers to use Setpoint for all Delta products. Can we put a fixed price agree- ment with Setpoint for Delta products. Stating we have an agreed upon multiplier for pricing? B. Currently, Setpoint is the only Delta provider in this area, providing a proximity benefit. Setpoint is also the current provider for Delta control systems providing a knowledge benefit. Other providers may bid on the Delta contol systems. Setpoint ??? Who else can install Delta? Rocky Mountain Power and Controls, with UCCS pre-approval Westover Controls. These companies competitively bid against each other for the entire controls portion of the project; including design, programming, component purchasing, installation, and startup. The cost of any Delta equipment will be included in their price, along with the cost of all other items for which the Controls Contractor is responsible. In order to perform programming, the company shall have staff who have been...

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