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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40EX728

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 3.21 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

The contents of “Settings” are displayed on the right. 2 Press F/f to select “Display”. 3 Press to launch the menu. According to the screen instruction, press F/f/G/g to select items and press to confirm. 3 Press HOME to exit. 18 GB Home menu map Home menu map TV You can select a list of TV channels, or a programme guide. Media You can enjoy photo/music/video content via USB devices or the home network. Inputs You can select equipment connected to the TV. Favourites/History Settings Provides quick access to your frequently used and recently viewed items, such as TV channels, external inputs or your media files. Contains all of the necessary configurations to customise your TV settings. Widgets Provides access to Widgets. Applications You can enjoy various applications such as “Music Search”, “Internet Browser”, etc. Qriocity Enable access to the “Qriocity” online service. Internet Content You can enjoy Internet content services. Recommendations Presents recommendations for programmes you may like, based on your viewing history. Recordings You can enjoy timer recordings to a connected USB HDD device, and selection of recorded content to play. Using Your 19 GB Displaying Operating Instructions (i-Manual) Displaying Operating Instructions (i-Manual) 1 Press i-MANUAL. 1 2 Press F/f/G/g/ to select items. 2 To select items in the i-Manual 1 Press F/f to select an item. The contents in the item are displayed on the right as the second layer. 2 Press g to move to the second layer. 3 Press F/f to select an item from the second layer. A digest of the item is displayed on the right. If the third layer is available, repeat this step to display the digest of the item. 4 Press g to select an item. The content is displayed. 20 GB Description of the i-Manual screen Description of the i-Manual screen Press G to go back to the previous page Press f to go to the next page Page number/Total page number Press RETURN to go back to the previous page Press to launch the function ~ • This will be displayed only when the function is available. To use the bookmark The i-Manual has a bookmark function. Pages can be bookmarked with coloured buttons, according to the instructions at the bottom of the screen. To access your registered bookmarks, go to the top page of the i-Manual and select “Bookmarks”. To memorise the last displayed page i-Manual memorises the last displayed page. When in the i-Manual screen, press i-MANUAL to return to the TV screen. If you press i-MANUAL again, the information you saw last time appears. For viewing from the top page of the i-Manual, return to the top page according to the instructions on the screen, or press HOME and select “i-Manual”of “Settings” in the Home menu. ~ • Last page memory is automatically reset when you switch the TV to standby mode. Using Your 21 GB Network Setup Network Setup ~ • You will need to contract with an Internet service provider to connect to the Internet. Preparing a wired network Internet TV Modem with router fun...

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