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Instructions Sony, Modèle KD-32DX40U

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3. Once the text information is displayed on screen, use the V, v, B or b buttons, the coloured buttons and/or the numbered buttons to access the chosen information. 4. When you have finished viewing Teletext, press the button and then select an alternative Digital channel. 12 Basic Operation DX40 Pages 11-20.fm Page 13 Wednesday, August 22, 2001 12:07 PM Basic Operation Teletext (Analogue) Most analogue TV channels broadcast a Teletext service. The index page (usually page 100) provides information on how to use the service. Please ensure you are receiving a good signal, or some Teletext errors may occur. Switching Teletext on and off 1. If the TV is not already in analogue mode, press the DIGITAL/ button on the remote control. Select the analogue TV channel which carries the Teletext service you want to view. 2. Press the button to enter Teletext mode, then using the numbered buttons on the remote control, enter the three digits of the page number you wish to view. Alternatively, press the or buttons to view the previous or next page. After a short time it will appear on screen. 3. Enter more 3 digit page numbers as required. 4. Press the DIGITAL/ button to exit Teletext. How to use Teletext features 1 2 3 654 7 8 9 0 Feature How to use Hold Some pages contain sub-pages which follow on automatically. This feature allows you hold the current page until you are ready to proceed. Press the / button to hold the page currently being displayed. Press again to cancel. Reveal Some Teletext pages contain hidden information (e.g. for a quiz). Press the button to reveal the hidden information. Press again to cancel. Mix This feature allows you to superimpose Teletext on to the TV screen. In Teletext mode, press the button to superimpose Teletext on to the TV screen. Press the button again to exit Teletext. Fastext Fastext allows you to access pages quickly and easily. When Fastext is available, four coloured items appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the corresponding coloured button on the remote control to access the required page. Basic Operation 13 DX40 Pages 11-20.fm Page 14 Wednesday, August 22, 2001 12:07 PM Basic Operation The Digital EPG menu The EPG menu (Electronic Programme Guide) provides you with a quick and easy way to: a) View a complete list of the programmes available. b) Obtain a preview of the programmes currently being broadcast. c) Reduce the size of the list by selecting a category of programme, e.g. Sports or Movies. d) Record programmes. 1. The EPG menu is only available when watching Digital channels. If the TV is not already in Digital mode, press the DIGITAL/ button on the remote control. Press the button on the remote control to display the EPG menu screen. This screen consists of an information window, a preview window, a 2 hour timer bar (divided into 30 minute intervals) and a 5 channel programme list covering the 2 hour period. OK 2. Press the V or v buttons to move the coloured cursor bar up or down the programme list and the b or B buttons to move left and right. If you press the b button once more after highlighting the last programme on the right, the programmes scheduled for the next 2 hour period are displayed. As each programme is highlighted, a brief description of the programme appears in the event information box at the top left of the screen. If you do not wish to select a programme from the 5 channels listed, press the GREEN button to display the next 5 channels or RED button to display the previous 5 channels. 3. If a programme you highlight is currently being broadcast, press the OK button to obtain a preview in the preview window. If you have previously set a viewing age limit in the ‘Digital Setting’ menu, and the programme exceeds that age limit, you will be asked to enter your PIN code before the preview is allowed. 4. When the programme in the preview screen is the one you wish to watch, press the OK button to exit the EPG menu and view the programme at full size. The Category pop-up list The ‘Category’ pop-up list allows you to quickly search for a programme by choosing from different categories of programmes. For example, select the ‘News’ option from the ‘Category’ pop-up list to display programme information only for News channels. 1. With the EPG menu on screen, press the YELLOW button to display the ‘Category’ pop-up list. 2. Press the V or v buttons to highlight the category you want, then press the OK button. The EPG programme list will now only contain programmes of the type selected. OK For information on the types of Categories along with instructions on how to add and remove programmes from the Favourite list, please refer to ‘The Channel Index menu’ section of this instruction manual. 14 Basic Operation DX40 Pages 11-20.fm Page 15 Wednesday, August 22, 2001 12:07 PM Basic Operation To select a programme for recording or timed display 1. With the EPG menu on screen, press the V, v, B or b buttons to highlight a programme in the EPG menu that you wi...

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