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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-37S5500

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 750.66 kb
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Facilité d'utilisation

• Lights up in orange when the sleep timer is set (page 22). 8 1 – Standby indicator Lights up in red when the TV is in standby mode. 9 " – Power indicator Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. ~ • Make sure that the TV is completely turned off before unplugging the mains lead. Unplugging the mains lead while the TV is turned on may cause the indicator to remain lit or may cause the TV to malfunction. 11 GB Watching TV 1 Press 1 on the side of the TV to turn on the TV. Watching TV When the TV is in standby mode (the 1 (standby) indicator on the TV front panel is red), press "/1 on the remote to turn on the TV. 2 Press DIGITAL to switch to digital mode, or ANALOG to switch to analogue mode. The channels available vary depending on the mode. 3 Press the number buttons or PROG +/- to select a TV channel. To select channel numbers 10 and above using the number buttons, press the second and third digits in quick succession. To select a digital channel using the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), see page 14. 2 In digital mode 2 An information banner appears briefly. The following icons may be indicated on the banner. :Radio service : Scrambled/Subscription service : Multiple audio languages available : Subtitles available : Subtitles available for the hearing impaired : Recommended minimum age for current programme (from 4 to 18 years) : Parental Lock 3 Additional operations To Do this Adjust the volume Press 2 + (increase)/ ( decrease). Access the Press . To select an 3 Programme index analogue channel, press F/f, table (in analogue then press . mode only) Access the Digital Press . Favourites (in For details, see page 15. digital mode only) RETURN PROG TOOLS GUIDE MENU AUDIO SCENEANALOGDIGITAL 12 GB To access Text Wide Stretches a 4:3 picture changes cyclically as follows: Press /. Each time you press /, the display horizontally, to fill a Text t Text over the TV picture (mix mode) t No 16:9 screen. Text (exit the Text service) To select a page, press the number buttons or / . Zoom* To reveal hidden information, press Displays . cinemascopic (letter box format) z • When four coloured items appear at the bottom of the broadcasts in the Watching TV Text page, Fastext is available. Fastext allows you to access pages quickly and easily. Press the corresponding coloured button to access the page. Scene Select mode Select “General,” “Cinema,” “Sports,” “Game” or “Photo.” When you set a mode, optimum audio and picture quality (based on content type) are automatically set. 1 Press SCENE on the remote control. 2 Press F/f/G/g to select the mode, then press . General: Current user settings. Cinema: Delivers a theatre-like picture and sound. Sports: Delivers a realistic picture with surround sound. Game: Delivers a picture that lets you enjoy game- playing to the fullest with the best picture and sound quality. Photo: Delivers a picture that reproduces the texture and colour of a printed photo. 14/9* Subtitle* Auto correct proportions. Displays 14:9 broadcasts in the correct proportions. As a result, black border areas are visible on the screen. Displays cinemascopic (letter box format) broadcasts with subtitles on the screen. • “Screen Format” is set to “Auto”, automatically changes the screen format to suit the broadcast signal. • “Auto” is available for PAL and SECAM signals only. * Parts of the top and bottom of the picture may be cut off. ~ • Depending on the signal, some screen formats may not be selectable. • Some characters and/or letters at the top and the bottom of the picture may not be visible in “Smart”. z • If any scene mode is selected, picture mode selection in the z picture menu is not possible - release scene selection first. • Not available for PC input, HDMI PC input and in “Photo / Music” menu. To change the screen format manually to suit the broadcast Press repeatedly to select the desired screen format. Smart* Displays conventional 4:3 broadcasts with an imitation wide screen effect. The 4:3 picture is stretched to fill the screen. Displays conventional 4:3 broadcasts (e.g. non- wide screen TV) in the correct proportions. • You can adjust the vertical position of the picture when selecting “Smart”, “Zoom”, “14/9” or “Subtitle”. Press F/f to move up or down (e.g. to read subtitles). Using the Tools menu Press TOOLS to display the following options when viewing a TV programme. Options Description Close Closes the Tools menu. Picture Mode See page 20. Sound Effect See page 21. Speaker See page 21. Audio Language (in See page 25. digital mode only) Subtitle Setting (in See page 25. digital mode only) Sleep Timer See page 22. Power Saving See page 22. System Information (in Displays the system digital mode only) information screen. 13 GB * * 1 In digital mode, press GUIDE. 2 Perform the desired operation as shown in the following table or displayed on the screen. Select: Tune: Options: Today Previous Next +1 day 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 BBC ONE BBC TWO ITV 1 Channel 4 five ITV 2 BBC THREE T...

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