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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-26S5500

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Facilité d'utilisation

3 Use the supplied screws to attach the TV unit to the Table-Top Stand. KDL-32S55xx/KDL-32P55xx/KDL32P35xx/ KDL-26S55xx/KDL-26P55xx Screws KDL-22S55xx/KDL-22P55xx Screws ~ • If an electric screw driver is used, set the torque to tighten at approximately 1.5 N·m {15 kgf·cm}. 3: Connecting an aerial/VCR/DVD recorder ~ • This product has been tested and found to compliant with the limits set out in the EMC Directive for using connection cables not longer than 3 meters (9.8 feet). Connecting an aerial only Coaxial cable Connecting an aerial/VCR/DVD recorder with SCART AV1 AV2 Scart lead VCR/DVD recorder Coaxial cable Coaxial cable ~ • AV1 outputs available only for analogue TV. • AV2 outputs to the current screen (except PC, HDMI, Component 1080i). Continued Start- up Guide 5 GB Connecting an aerial/VCR/DVD recorder with HDMI Connecting an aerial/VCR/DVD recorder with HDMI Preventing the TV KDL-32S55xx/KDL-32P55xx/KDL 32P35xx/KDL-26S55xx/KDL-26P55xx from toppling over 1 IN 2 HDMI cable Coaxial cable Coaxial cable VCR/DVD recorder KDL-22S55xx/KDL-22P55xx IN 1 HDMI cable Coaxial cable Coaxial cable VCR/DVD recorder 6 GB 2 1 3 1 Install a wood screw (4 mm in diameter, not supplied) in the TV stand. 2 Install a machine screw (M4 . 14 mm, not supplied) and a nut (M4, not supplied) from the bottom of the Table-Top Stand into the screw hole of the TV. Adjust a strong cord line weight accordingly, to secure the machine screw and nut. ~ • Be sure to secure a machine screw and a nut. 3 Tie the wood screw and the machine screw with a strong cord. 5: Bundling the cables You can bundle the connecting cables as illustrated below. 1 2 3 ~ • Do not bundle the mains lead with other connecting cables. 6: 6: KDL-22S55xx/KDL-22P55xx only This TV can be adjusted within the angle shown below. Adjust the angle back and forth (tilt) 3° 8° Right view Front 7: Selecting the language, country/region and location RETURN TOOLS GUIDE MENU AUDIO SCENEANALOGDIGITAL 3,4,5 1 Connect the TV to your mains socket (220-240V AC, 50Hz). 2 Press 1 on the side of the TV. When you turn on the TV for the first time, the Language menu appears on the screen. ~ • When you turn on the TV, the power indicator light up in green. 3 Press F/f to select the language displayed on the menu screens, then press . Select: Confirm: Language Country Location English Nederlands Italiano Deutsch Auto Start-up 4 Press F/f to select the country/region in which you will operate the TV, then press . Select:Back: Confirm: Language Country Location - United Kingdom Ireland Nederland Luxembourg France Italia Auto Start-up If the country/region which you want to use on the TV does not appear in the list, select “-” instead of a country/region. 5 Press F/f to select the location type in which you will operate the TV, then press . Language Country Location Home Shop Select:Back: Confirm: Auto Start-up In Shop mode, some settings will be periodically reset for Shop usage. This option selects the initial picture mode appropriate for the typical lighting condition in these environments. Start- up Guide 7 GB 8: 8: V 1 Before you start auto-tuning the TV, insert a pre-recorded tape into the VCR connected to the TV (page 5) and start play back. The video channel will be located and stored on the TV during auto-tuning. If no VCR is connected to the TV, skip this step. 2 Press . Back: Start: Do you want to start Auto Tuning? Auto Tuning The TV starts searching for all available digital channels, followed by all available analogue channels. This may take some time, so do not press any buttons on the TV or remote while proceeding. If a message appears for you to confirm the aerial connection No digital or analogue channels were found. Check all the aerial connections and press to start auto-tuning again. 3 When the Programme Sorting menu appears on the screen, follow the steps of “Programme Sorting” (page 27). If you do not change the order in which the analogue channels are stored on the TV, go to next step. 4 When the Eco Preset menu appears on the screen, if you press “Yes,” the “Eco” settings are changed to recommended values to reduce power consumption. 5 Press MENU to exit. The TV has now tuned in all the available channels. Detaching the Table- Top Stand from the TV ~ • Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any reason other than to wall-mount the TV. KDL-32S55xx/KDL-32P55xx/KDL32P35xx/ KDL-26S55xx/KDL-26P55xx Table-Top Stand KDL-22S55xx/KDL-22P55xx Table-Top Stand Do you want to use the Eco Preset? Choosing "YES" will reduce power consumption. Power Saving Idle TV Standby PC Power Management Reduce 3 h On Yes No Eco Preset 8 GB Safety information Safety information Install and use the TV set in accordance with the instructions below in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries. Installation • The TV set should be installed near an easily accessible mains socket. • Place the TV set on a stable, level surface. • Only qualified service personnel should c...

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