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Instructions LG, Modèle 32CS560

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 10.91 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ruuken
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TV - 32CS560 (6.53 mb)ruuken

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CS56** P/NO : MFL67469009 (1206-REV03) Printed in Korea 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Precaution in Installing the Product Electrical Power Related Precautions Precautions When Moving the Product Precautions When Using the Product INSTALLATION PROCEDULE ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Unpacking Parts and buttons Mounting on a table Mounting on a wall REMOTE CONTROL WATCHING TV Connecting an antenna Turning the TV on for the first time TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE NOTICE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OF THE MANUAL 1. ATTACHING THE STAND 2. TIDYING CABLES 3. NOT USING THE DESK TYPE STAND 4. CONNECTING YOUR UNIT 5. APPLIED LANGUAGE LIST English Русский .аза.ша Українська COMMON LANGUAGE COMMON 3 ATTACHING THE STAND ATTACHING THE STAND ¦ ¦ Image shown may differ from your TV. CS56** 2 1 4EA M4 x 20 Stand Body Stand Base 3 4EA M4 x 20 CAUTION y y When attaching the stand to the TV set, place the screen facing down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the screen from scratches. y y Tighten the screws firmly to prevent the TV from tilting forward. Do not over tighten. 4 TIDING CABLES / NOT USING THE DESK TYPE STAND TIDYING CABLES ¦ ¦ Image shown may differ from your TV. 1 Gather and bind the cables with the cable management clip. 2 Fix the cable management climp to the TV. CS56** 26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**, 32/37/42LK45**, 32/42LK55** 1 NOTE y y Do not move the TV by holding the Cable management clip, as the Cable management clip may break, and injuries and damage to the TV may occur. NOT USING THE DESK TYPE STAND ¦ ¦ Image shown may differ from your TV. Push the supplied Protection cover into the opening at the bottom of the TV until clicking sound. CS56** 26/32LK33**, 32/37/42LK43**, 32/42/47LK53**, 32/37/42LK45**, 32/42LK55** 1 Protection cover 5 CONNECTING YOUR UNIT CONNECTING YOUR UNIT ¦ ¦ Image shown may differ from your TV. DVD/STB 2 Power Cord 3 AUDIO IN (RGB/DVI) RGB IN (PC) L / MONO R AUDIO VIDEO ANTENNA IN 2 1 OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT RS-232C IN(CONTROL & SERVICE) DVD/STB back USB IN IN 3 or Antenna Connection VCR Connection 2 1 OWNER’S MANUAL LCD TV Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. 4 ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING ENGLISH Remote control and batteries (AAA) Owner’s manual Polishing cloth (Depending on model) Use this to remove dust from the cabinet. Screw for assembly 8EA, M4 x 20 Screw for fixing (Only 32/42CS56**) Power Cord Protection cover or Isolator1 (Depending on model) Stand Body / Stand Base CAUTION y y Power Cord Installation Guide - - If the power cord provided with TV looks like the below picture, please ensure that it is inserted in the right direction. TV Power Cord Correct Wrong 5 ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING ENGLISH 1 Antenna Isolator Installation Guide yyUse this to install TV in a place where there is a voltage difference between GND of power and GND of antenna signal. - If there is a voltage difference between GND of power and GND of antenna signal, the antenna contact might be heated and excessive heat might cause an accident. yyYou can improve the safety when watching TV by efficiently removing power voltage from TV antenna. Avoid disconnecting the antenna Isolator after installation. yyExterior of antenna isolator: ANTENNA IN Plug2 Plug1 or Plug1 Plug2 ANTENNA IN Isolator ANTENNA IN yyConnection method : - Connect Plug 1 with a signal cable. - Connect Plug 2 with ANT input end on the back of TV. or ANTENNA IN RF Coaxial Wire Isolator ANTENNA IN or STB RF Coaxial Wire Isolator “Equipment connected to the protective earthing of the building installation through the mains connection or through other equipment with a connection to protective earthing - and to a cable distribution system using coaxial cable, may in some circumstances create a fire hazard. Connection to a cable distribution system has therefore to be provided through a device providing electrical isolation below a certain frequency range (galvanic isolator, see EN 60728-11)” When applying the RF Isolator, a slight loss of signal sensitivity can occur. Parts and buttons NOTE yyThe TV can be placed in standby mode in order to reduce the power consumption. And the TV should be turned off if it will not be watched for some time, as this will reduce energy consumption. yyThe energy consumed during use can be significantly reduced if the level of brightness of the picture is reduced, and this will reduce the overall running cost. CAUTION yyDo not step on the glass stand or subject it to any impact. It may break, causing possible injury from fragments of glass, or the TV may fall. yyDo not drag the TV. The floor or the product may be damaged. yySome models have a thin film attached on to the screen and this must not be removed. Screen OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT AUDIO IN (RGB/DVI) RGB IN (PC) RS-232C IN(CONTROL & SERVICE) L / MONO R AUDIO VIDEO 2 1 ANTENNA IN USB IN IN 3 H/P 1 2 Remote control and intelligen...

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