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Instructions LG, Modèle 29FS6RLX

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 127.88 kb
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Facilité d'utilisation

Mute function Press the MUTE button. The sound is switched off and the display W appears. You can cancel it by pressing the MUTE, F FF / G GG, I/II/*(option), button. On screen language selection The menu can be displayed on the screen indesired language. First select your language. 1. Press the MENU button and then D DD / E EE button to select the Special menu. 2. Press the G GG button to select Language. 3. Press the G GG button and then D DD / E EE button to select your desired language. All the on screen displays will appear in theselected language.Press the OK or F FF button to select the Special menu. 4. Repeatedly press the MENU button to return to normal TV viewing. TV and AV modes AV mode is used when a video cassette recorder (VCR), or other equipment is connected to the set. Note : When a VCR is connected via the aerial socket the set is used in TV mode. See the ‘Connection of external equipment’ section. AV1 : VCR connected to the Euro scart socket or AV IN 1 sockets on the set AV2 : VCR connected to the AV IN 2 sockets on the set. AV3 : VCR connected to the AV IN3 sockets of the set. COMPONENT : DVD Player connected to the COMPONENT sockets on the set (option) Alternatively you can select the TV or AV mode by pressing the TV/AV button. In AV mode, to return to TV mode, press the D DD / E EE or NUMBER buttons. Auto AV switching (option) If your VCR outputs switching voltage when it is switched to playback with the VCR connected to the Euro scart socket. The set is automatically switched to AV1 mode when an AV signal is input. But if you want to keep on watching TV mode, press the D DD / E EE or NUMBER buttons. Press the TV/AV button to return to AV modes. Child lock The TV can be set so that the remote control handset is needed to control it. This feature can be used to prevent unauthorized viewing. With the lock on, the display Child lock on appears on the screen if any button on the front panel is pressed while viewing the TV. Blue back (option) If you select On on the Blue back pull-down menu, the blue background appears on the screen when there is no or poor signal. Tilt (option) The TV picture may tilt to the left or right if the TV set moves to another position. This function can be used to compensate the tilt. Degaussing (option) Due to the super large Tube in the set. The colour purity of the picture may be affected by other magnetic influences such as speakers. Stripes may appear on the screen or there may be colour patches. Note : If you cannot adjust the screen condition by degaussing, try it again after about 4 minutes. Sleep timer You don’t have to remember to switch the set off before you go to sleep. The sleep timer automatically switches the set to standby after the preset time elapses. Repeatedly press the SLEEP button to select the number of minutes. The display r rr- - -will appear on the screen, followed by 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240. The timer begins to count down from the number of minutes selected. Note : a. To view the remaining sleep time, press the SLEEP button once. b. To cancel the sleep time, repeatedly press the SLEEP button until the display r rr - - appears. c. When you switch the set off, the set releases the preset sleep time. On screen menus The dialogue between you and your set takesplace on screen with an operator menu. The buttons required for the operating steps are also displayed. Menu selection 1. Press the MENU button and then D DD / E EE button to display each menu. 2. Press the G GG button and then D DD / E EE button to select a menu item. 3. Press the G GG button to display the sub menu orthe pull-down menu. 4. Change the setting of an item in the sub orpull-down menu with the F FF / G GG or D DD / E EE. You can move to the higher level menu withthe OK or F FF button and to move to the lower level menu press the G GG button. Note : a. In the teletext mode, menus are not displayed. b. In some models, the Normal/Turbo search will not display, only the Start will display in theAuto programme menu. c. In some models, Tilt, Booster or Degauss will not display. d. On some models, the Language, X-WAVE will not display. Auto programme Station System{ StorageO from{ NormalO search{ TurboO search{ System{BGIDKL AutoOprogramme{ ManualOprogramme{ ProgrammeOedit{ FavouriteOprogramme{ ()O}{OOKOMENU ()O}{OOKOMENU Station menu or Picture BGIDKM PSM{ XD{ Contrast{ Brightness{ Colour{ Sharpness{ ()O}{OOKOMENU Picture menu Programme edit Sound OOO5OOSO69O1OOCO03OOO6OOSO17O2OOCO12OOO7OOSO22O3OOSO66OOO8OOCO09O4OOSO67OOO9OOCO11DeleteOOOOCopyMoveOOOOOOSkipO0OOCO03SSM{ TurbooSound{ AVL{ Balance{ XWAVE{ ()}{OOKOMENU ()O}{OOKOMENU Sound menu Time Clock{ Offotime{ Onotime{ Autoosleep{ ()O}{OOKOMENU Time menu Special Language{ Input{ Childolock{ Degauss{ ()O}{OOKOMENU Special menu TV programme Setting up TV stations Auto programme tuning All stations that can be received are stored by thismethod. It is recommended that you use auto programme during installation of this...

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