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Instructions LG, Modèle 29FS6RG

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 121.04 kb
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It is recommended that you use auto programme during installation of this set. Auto programme MENUOOCO01O(BG) 736% Programme This function enables you to select the programme number in setting mode. Skipping a programme number 1. In station mode ,select skip item. 2. Press the 9 FF / : GG button to select ON or OFF. When a programme number is skipped it means that you will be unable to select it using the 7 DD / 8 EE button during normal TV viewing. If you want to select the skipped programme, directly enter the programme number with the NUMBER buttons. Repeatedly press the MENU button to return to normal TV viewing. Deleting a programme 1. In station mode ,select delete item. 2. Press the 9 FF / : GG button to select ON or OFF. Press the OK button when ON is selected ,then the selected programme is deleted, and all the following programmes are shifted up one position. Swapping a programme number 1. In station mode ,select swap item. 2. Press the 9 FF / : GG button to select the programme number.Press the OK button to swap the current programme for the selected programme. Sound system System : BG :(Asia/NewZealand/ M.East/Africa/Australia) I :(Hong Kong/South Africa) DK :(East Europe/China/Africa/CIS) M : (USA/Korea/Philippines) (option) Colour system You can adjust colour systerm in AUTO,PAL, PAL60,NTSC(option),NTSC4.43(option) and SECAM. Fine tuning Normally fine tuning is only necessary if reception is poor.The finely tuned programme will be indi cated by yellow number during programme selection. Picture adjustment Note:Picture menu options are not available forEye (option) the RGB input source. When the eye function is on, the most suitable pic- PSM (Picture Status Memory) ture is automatically adjusted according to the sur- The picture Dynamic, Standard, Mild and rounding conditions. Game are programmed for good picture repro- At this time the display in green does notduction at the factory and cannot be changed. appear continuously but the display in yellowappears each time the picture condition changes.XD Note:a.The eye function is automatically switched off. You can enjoy the vivid and hi-definition picture withb.EYE function is not available for RGB input source. LG’s excellent Digital Reality processor technology. Picture adjustment CSM (Colour Status Memory)You can adjust picture Contrast ,Brightness , You can select the picture colour status; Colour ,Sharpness and Tint (NTSC inputStandard, Reddish, Greenish or Bluish, as only) to the levels you prefer. you prefer. Time Setting Setting the On/Off timer On time volume By using this function, the set automatically switch-In this function,you can set the volume of the TV es on or off at a preset time. You must set the timeautomatically turnning on. correctly before using the on/off time function. Note :a.On time works only in standby mode.Auto sleep b.To view the remaining on/off time, select If you select On on the Auto sleep item, the Time menu. the set will automatically switch itself to c.When you switch the main power off, the standby mode approximately ten minutes after aClock is reset . TV station stops broadcasting. Sound adjustment SSM (Sound Status Memory) The sound Flat, Music, Movie , Sport are programmed for good sound reproduction at the factory and cannot be changed. Turbo sound selection When this function is on, the sound will be moreemphasized and amplified than normal sound. Sound adjustment You can adjust Balance, AVL (Auto Volume Leveler), Treble ,Bass. AVL automatically keeps on an equal volume level even if you change pro grammes. The Turbo sound creates an all around sound as in a concert hall. Sound output selection In AV mode, you can select output sound for theleft and right loudspeakers. Repeatedly press the I/II/* button to select the sound output. L+R :Audio signal from audio L input is sent to leftloud-speaker and audio signal from audio Rinput is sent to right loud-speaker. L+L or R+R (option): Audio signal from audio L or R input is sent to both left and right loud-speakers. Note: L+Lor R+R may be inavailable for some models. Stereo/Dual reception (option) When a programme is selected, the sound information for the station appears after the programme number and station name disappear. Broadcast Mono On Screen Display MONO Stereo STEREO Dual DUAL I Mono sound selection In stereo reception if the stereo signal is weak, you can switch to mono by pressing the I/II/* button twice. In mono reception the depth of sound is improved. To switch back to stereo, press the I/II/* button twice again. Language selection for dual language broadcast If a programme is received in two languages (dual language), you can switch to DUAL I, DUAL II or DUAL I+II by pressing the I/II/* button repeatedly. DUAL I sends the primary broadcast language to the loudspeakers. DUAL II sends the secondary broadcast language to the loudspeakers. DUAL I+II sends a separate language to each loudspeaker. NICAM reception (option) If your set is equipped wi...

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