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Retain it for future reference. Record model number and serial number of the set. See the label attached on the back cover and quote this infor- mation to your dealer when you require service. Model number : Serial number : P/NO : MFL37773368-EN (CW62C) BZ03 Installation Power This set operates on an AC mains supply, the voltage is as indicated on the label on the back cover. Never apply DC power to the set. In the event of thunderstorms or powercuts, please pull out the aerial and mains plugs. Press the POWER button on the front panel or side panel to turn off the TV when the TV set is not being used for a long time.It is recommended to remove the plug from the wall outlet(Power point). Disconnecting device from mains Mains plug is the disconnecting device. The plugmust remain readily operable Warning To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the set to rain or moisture. Do not place anything containing liquid on top of the set, this may cause a fire or could give an electric shock. Service Never remove the back cover of the set as this can expose you to very high voltage and other hazards. If the set does not operate properly, unplug it and call your dealer. Aerial Connect the aerial cable to the socket on the back cover. For the best reception an outdoor aerial should be used. Location Position your set so that no bright light or sunlight falls directly onto the screen. Care should be taken not to expose the set to any unnecessary vibration, moisture, dust or heat. Also ensure that the set is placed in a position to allow a free flow of air. Do not cover the ventilation openings on the back cover. Connection of external equipment Aerial socket 1. Connect the RF out socket of the VCR to the aerial socket on the back of the set. 2. Connect the aerial cable to the RF aerial in socket of the VCR. 3. Store the VCR channel on a desired programme number using the ‘Manual pro gramme tuning’ section. 4. Select the programme number where the VCR channel is stored. 5. Press the PLAY button on the VCR. Audio/Video in/out sockets (option) 1. Connect the audio/video out sockets of the VCRto audio/video in sockets of the set and in sockets of the VCR to RF OUT sockets of the set. 2. If the VCR is connected to the AV sockets on the set, press the TV/AV button to select AV1 or AV2. 3. Press the PLAY button on the VCR.The VCR playback picture appears on the screen. You can also record programmes received by theTV on video tape via audio/video out sockets. Note : If you have a mono VCR, connect the audio cable from the VCR to the AUDIO L/MONO socket of the set. Euro scart socket (option) 1. Connect the Euro scart socket of the VCR to the Euro scart socket of the set. 2. Press the PLAY button on the VCR. If your VCR outputs a switching voltage whenconnected to Euro scart socket, the set will switch to AV 1 mode automatically. But if youwant to keep on watching TV mode, press the D DD / E EE or NUMBER buttons.Otherwise pressthe TV/AV button on the remote control handset to select AV 1 The VCR playback picture appears on the screen. You can also record programmes received by theTV on video tape. Note : Signal type RGB, i.e. the signals red, green and blue can only be selected for the Euro scart socket. These signals are transmitted, for example, by a pay TV decoder, game machine or photo CD unit, etc. Component in sockets (option) 1. Connect the COMPONENT video outputsockets (Y Cb Cr, Y Pb Pr or Y B-Y R-Y) of theCOMPONENT (480i) to the COMPONENTINPUT sockets (Y PB PR) on the set. 2. Connect the audio cable from the COMPONENT to AUDIO IN sockets of AV IN2. 3. Press the TV/AV button to select COMPONENT. 4. Press the PLAY button on the COMPONENT. The COMPONENT playback picture appearson the screen. Location and function of controls Battery installation use the remote control handset for an extended period of time The remote control handset is powered by AAA type batteries.Install batteries as indicated by the polarity symbols ( + and -) marked inside the compartment. or Note : To avoid damage from possible battery leakage, remove the batteries if you do not plan to Location and function of controls Remote control handset Before you use the remote control handset, please install the batteries. See the next page. 1 10 13 14 2 11 3 4 5 6 7 9 8 12 1. POWER switches the set on from standby or off to standby. 2. NUMBER BUTTONS Switches the set on from standby or directly select a number. 3. MENU selects a menu. 4. D DD / E EE (Programme Up/Down) selects a programme or a menu item. switches the set on from standby. scans programmes automatically. F FF / G GG (Volume Up/Down) adjusts the volume. adjusts menu settings. OK accepts your selection or displays the current mode. 5. TELETEXT BUTTONS (option) These buttons are used for teletext. For further details, see the ‘Teletext’ section. 6. SLEEP sets the sleep timer. 7. PIP BUTTONS (option) PIP switches the sub picture on or off. PR +/selects a programme for the sub picture. SWAP al...

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