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Instructions Certified International, Modèle 48Z8NV

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CAUTION: Damage to the inverter will occur if correct polarity is not observed when installing DC Input Cable Lengths (maximum) the DC input cables. and Fusing Guide CAUTION: Damage to the inverter will occur if Distance(feet) an external AC power source is applied to the Model 1 to 20 Fuseinverter’s AC receptacle cord. 12Z8NV 6 Ga 150ACAUTION: Be sure the inverter's circuit breaker 24Z8NV 8 Ga 100Aor fuse (if needed) are turned "OFF" during 48Z8NV 8 Ga 100Ainstallation. NOTE: All wiring must follow the National Electric Code, Provincial, or other codes in effect 3.05.3 NOTE: Using smaller input cable at the time of installation, regardless of sugges-or longer length will greatly degrade the inverter tions in this manual. All wires should be copper peak performance. conductors. 3.03 Mounting IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VEHICLE 3.03.1 Locate a suitable, secure flat INSTALLATION: Do not use the vehicle chassis mounting surface as close to the battery as as the negative return in place of a return cable. possible without being in the same air tight Use the same size wire as the positive cable and compartment. The maximum recommended dis-run directly to the battery. tance between the mounting location and the 3.05.4 Install the cables at the battery, battery is 20 feet. See DC Input Cable Lengths inverter and then fuse holder. Make sure that chart.clean, tight connections are made. Use care not 3.03.2 The location should have adequate to touch the positive and negative wires together. ventilation and clearance to maintain room tem-This will result in a violent spark and could result in perature while the unit is operating. At least 1/2 exploding batteries and fire. inch of clearance is required on all sides. 3.05.5 The battery input terminals are at3.03.3 Secure the unit with #8 or larger tached to the unit : Red (+) and Black (-) cable, screws or bolts in the mounting slots on the having 5/16" ring terminals. A spark may result flanges of the chassis.when connecting the battery wire, due to an initial 3.04 Chassis Bonding Lug - FIG. 1charging of the internal input capacitor. 3.04.1 Connect a #8 gauge or greater cop-3.05.6 CAUTION: Damage to the inverter per wire between the bonding lug on the inverter will occur if correct polarity is not observed. This and the earth grounding system or the vehicle damage is NOTcovered by warranty. chassis. 3.06 Remote Switch for Inverter 3.05 Battery Wiring - FIG. 1 Operation - Fig. 1 3.05.1 CAUTION: Make sure that hydro-3.06.1 All material used for the remote gen gas does not accumulate near the battery by switch should be U.L. listed and installed per low keeping the area well ventilated. A spark may Page 3 voltage, Class 2, wiring code. The On/Off switch 5.02.1 Connect a 100 watt light bulb to the and in-line fuse to be purchased locally at an inverter output. electrical supply outlet.5.02.2 Make sure the inverter is turned 3.06.2 A 3 Amp rated remote switch must "On", the output circuit breaker is reset and that be connected to the violet wire marked “Remote the voltage is at least 12VDC, 24VDC or 48 VDC On/Off” coming out at front of the inverter. (depending on inverter model) at the DC input Connect the violet wire to the load side of the terminals. If not, check DC wiring connections remote switch. The line side of the switch must be and the line fuse. connected to the DC power source with a 3 Amp 5.02.3 Check the connection to the fuse wi...

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