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Instructions Karcher, Modèle STH 10.66 C

Fabricant : Karcher
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• Tip the machine forwards again, check the setting and repeat as necessary. Adjust the skids (STH 5.56, STH 8.66, STH 10.66 C) Figure 7 With the skids (1), the distance between the ground and the clearing plate (5) can be set in such a way that no parts of the ground (e.g. earth or stones) can be taken up. • (STH 10.66 C) Set setting lever (Figure 4, item 1) to position II. • Loosen nuts (2) on both sides of the machine. • Adjust skids to conform to the ground conditions: – lower for uneven or non-hardsurfaced paths – higher for even paths. • Fasten the skids with nuts (2) in such a way that they uniformly touch the ground. Fill up with fuel and check the oil level ! Danger of explosion and risk of being burnt Fill up with fuel only in the open air and when the engine has been switched off and is cold. Do not smoke whilst filling up. Never fill up with fuel to the top. If fuel overflows, let the overflowed fuel evaporate completely before you start the engine. English Operating Manual – Snowthrower Store fuel only in suitable containers designed to take fuel. • (STH 5.56, STH 8.66, STH 10.66 C) Check oil level, top up as required (see “Engine Instructions”). • Fill up with fuel (for types of fuel see specifications in the engine instructions), close fuel tank cap and wipe away remains of fuel. Working with the snow- clearing machine ! Risk of injury Keep other people, in particular children, and domestic animals away from the danger area. Operate the machine only when it is in a faultless and safe-to-operate condition. Inspect the ground over which the machine is to operate and remove all objects which could be picked up by the machine and hurled out. Work only when there is sufficient illumination. Work slowly and carefully, especially on uneven or non-hard-surfaced paths, or when you are moving backwards. Set the distance between worm housing and ground in such a way that no extraneous material (e.g. stones) is taken up by the machine. Caution Risk of damage to the machine If the machine strikes extraneous material (e.g. stones) or exhibits unusual vibrations, switch off the machine and inspect it for damage. Get any damage you discover repaired before you work with the machine again. Before you put the machine to work, let the engine run to warm up. When you have finished work, leave the engine running for a few minutes to eliminate the moisture. (STH 5.56, STH 8.66, STH 10.66 C) Figure 1 • Adjust throw-out chute (see “Set the direction and distance of throw”). • Start the engine (see “Start the engine”). • With the coupling levers (1 and 2) released, choose a forwards gear with shift lever (6). • Press coupling lever for worm drive (1) and hold it down; worm and throw turbine are driven. • Press coupling lever for the drive system (2) and hold it down; the machine moves forwards and clears the snow. As long as this lever is pressed, the coupling lever for the worm drive (1) is locked in position and you can let go of it. • If you want to change gear, first release the coupling lever for the drive system (2) and then change gear with the shift lever (6). (STH 953) Figure 1 • Adjust throw-out chute (see “Set the direction and distance of throw”). • Start the engine (see “Start the engine”). • Press coupling lever (1) and hold it down; the worm is driven. As a result of the worm establishing contact with the ground, the machine moves forwards. • If you want to increase the travel speed, raise the side handle (8) slightly; the worm has greater contact with the ground and drives the machine forwards faster. This leads (if repeated frequently) to the rubber lip on the worm wearing down faster. • To reduce the travel speed, press down on the side handle. Working on slopes ! Risk of injury from machine tipping over Work slowly and carefully, especially when you change direction. Guide the machine up or down the slope, not crosswise to it. Watch out for obstacles, do not work near inclines. Do not use the machine on slopes with a gradient greater than 20 %. Tips on clearing snow • Clear snow immediately after it has stopped snowing; later on, the underneath layer will ice up and will make clearing the snow more difficult. • If at all possible, clear snow in the direction of the wind. • Clear the snow in such a way that the tracks you have cleared overlap slightly. Set the direction and distance of throw Figure 10 ! Risk of injury Do not set the flap (2) of the throw- out chute (3) in the direction of people, animals, windows, cars and doors. Set the direction of throw (STH 5.56, STH 8.66, STH 10.66 C) • Put the throw-out chute (3) in the desired direction by rotating the handle (Figure 1, item 7) (STH 953) • Turn the ejection chute in the desired direction with the handle (7). ! Risk of damage Do not use the handle (7) to lift the machine. Set the throw distance The steeper the angle of the flap (2) is set, the higher and further the snow will be ejected. • For machines with lever (Figure 1, item 5): press leve...

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