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Instructions Simplicity Manufacturing, Modèle L1226E

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4. Hold adjusting flats (A) and tighten nut (D). 5. Start unit and check auger. Auger must not be engaged unless auger control is depressed. 6. With engine running, fully depress auger control, the auger should engage and run normally. 7. Release auger control. Auger must stop within 5 seconds. 8. If auger does not operate properly, stop engine and recheck drive linkage adjustments. 9. If auger linkage is properly adjusted, auger drive belt tension may require adjustment. See adjusting the auger belt in this section of the manual WARNING Do not over-tighten, as this may lift the lever and cause auger drive to be engaged without depressing the Auger Control. Auger Drive Adjustment WARNING Do not over-tighten, as this may cause traction drive to engage without depressing the traction drive control (arm must remain in down position). Verify that the cables are not over-tightened: With speed selector in position 1 and traction drive control fully released, push snowthrower forward. The unit should move forward freely. If unit does not move forward freely, the cable has been over-tightened. To remedy, loosen tension on clutch cable slightly, and recheck. TRACTION DRIVE ADJUSTMENT Initial Adjustment A B C Figure 3. Auger Cable Button A. Auger Drive Cable B. Auger Cable Button C. Lever A BC D E F 1/32” (.8 mm) Figure 4. Auger Drive Adjustment A. Adjusting Flats B. Spring Hook C. Lever D. Adjustment Nut E. Adjustment Screw F. Spring 1. With the drive lever released there should be slack in the cable when moved slightly from side to side. 2. To adjust tension on the cable slide the cable boot (A, Figure 5) off the cable adjustment bracket (D). 3. Move the “Z” hook (C) from the cable adjustment bracket (D) to a different adjustment hole. The cable should have slack. The cable should have no tension or load. TP 300-4458-00-LW-SN 14 07/2007 Large Frame Snowthrowers 07/2007 15 TP 300-4458-00-LW-SN Figure 5. Traction Drive Cable Adjustment A. Cable Boot B. Traction Drive Cable C. “Z” Hook D. Cable Adjustment Bracket C A B D B C Run-In Adjustment ALL MODELS 1. After 5 hours of use, check for proper adjustment. Readjust clutch cable if necessary by increasing tension on cable. A small amount of arm movement is permissible if unit passes operating checks described in the Warning above. WARNING Gasoline is highly flammable and must be handled with care. Drain gasoline outdoors. Never drain the tank when the engine is still hot from recent operation. Do not allow open flame, smoking or matches in the area. Avoid over-filling and wipe up any spills. Figure 6. Bottom Cover A. Capscrews B. Bottom Panel C. Auger Housing C B A A Note: If the cable is too slack the unit will not drive. If the cable is too tight the drive will be engaged without pushing the handle down. 4. Slide the cable boot (A) over the cable adjustment bracket. SPEED DRIVE ADJUSTMENT 1. Remove the gas from the gas tank. 2. Disconnect the spark plug wire. 3. Stand snowthrower on the front of the auger housing (C, Figure 6). 4. Remove the capscrews (A) on each side of the bottom panel (B). 5. Remove the bottom panel (B). 6. Position the shift speed lever in the lowest forward speed. 7. Note the position of the friction wheel (A, Figure 7). The correct distance from the right side of the friction wheel to the outside of the frmae is 4-5/16” (10.95 cm). If the friction wheel is not in the correct postition, adjust as follows. A B Figure 7. Friction Disc Measurement A. Friction Disk B. Frame 4-5/16” (10.95 cm) Large Frame Snowthrowers TP 300-4458-00-LW-SN 16 07/2007 Figure 8. Speed Selector Linkage A. Speed Selector Rod B. Jam Nut C. Ball Joint D. Locknut E. Shift Rod A 8. Loosen the jam nut (B, Figure 8). 9. Remove locknut (D). 10. Move the friction wheel (A, Figure 7) to the correct distance 4-5/16” (10.95 cm). 11. Turn the ball joint (C, Figure 8) until it is aligned with the mounting hole in the shifter rod (E). When aligned, attach the ball joint (C) to the shifter rod (E) and tighten the jam nut (B) and locknut (D). 12. Check that the snowthrower operates in R1. If not follow procedures 1-11 and readjust as necessary. 13. Install the bottom panel (B, Figure 6) and tighten the capscrews (A). B C D E EASY TURN™ CABLE ADJUSTMENT If the Easy Turn™ cable has stretched, the gears will not disengage when the control lever is activated. Adjust the cable using the following procedure. 1. Turn the engine off and disconnect the spark plug wire. 2. Loosen the jam nut (B, Figure 9). 3. Turn the adjustment nut (A) to lengthen or shorten the cable. The cable should be tightened just until all slack is removed from the lever, however it must not engage the Easy Turn™ release without depressing the control lever. 4. Tighten the jam nut. A B Figure 9. Easy Turn™ Cable Adjustment A. Adjustment Nut B. Jam Nut Large Frame Snowthrowers Scraper Bar & Skid Shoe Adjustment On smooth surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, the scraper bar should scrape the surface. On surfaces such as gra...

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